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About Us

Transmetropolitan Spider Jerusalem

At Comic Book Treasury, our mission is to help you read your Comic Books in the best order possible for you to have the most wonderful reading experience!

We know it can be daunting to know where to start or to explore decades of Marvel or DC characters. We’re working hard to make the Comic Book World the most accessible possible.

Reading Orders
(and still growing)

With 200 articles for Marvel Comics, 181 articles for DC Comics, and of course, +70 articles for other publishers

Who are we?

We are two European readers who like to read in order! None of us are SEO savvy or real professionnal when it comes to it. We improvise a lot and we just like to write about comic books! 

We are reading comics for two decades, mostly translated stuff for a while, but with the help of some good e-commerce websites and digital comics, it became a lot easier to read the books and issues coming from the US. It also became clear that it’s harder to follow the series and events, to know what to read and in what order.

We started to do a lot of research before hunting down books online and we are still doing that as we are trying to read all the good (and also less good, at times) stories we missed. Reading comic books is a passion that requires planning. We want to help those who are like us.


I’m the owner of Comic Book Treasury who grew up with Scrooge McDuck and watching DuckTales the Movie at almost every Christmas season! I dived into the American comic book world after watching the first X-Men movie in 2000. Let me tell you that was a great time to discover X-Men comics, thanks to the amazing Grant Morrison’s run! I expanded with some Spider-Man Comics and the Vertigo line (especially the Fables Universe), though DC Comics wasn’t as easily available where I lived at the time! I’ve caught up with the times and I have to confess to reading more DC Comics those past years — and Damian Wayne is my favorite Robin!


This adventure wouldn’t exist without Fabien, the man behind, a blog about reading orders focused on books but with some comic books in it! The success of some reading guides inspired us to give the subject its own little blog! And here we are! Fabien was reading Tintin and Asterix before becoming a Spidey reader. He’s also the one who can answer your questions about Hellboy!

Why the name Comic Book Treasury?

Sad story. We just wanted “comic book” in the title and it’s not easy to find a domain today. We tried multiple combinations and we ended up with

How to contact us?

You can leave a message on the blog, you can send us an e-mail, or you can also find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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