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DC Comics Reading Orders


Welcome to our DC Comic Reading Orders Guide, a page dedicated to helping you navigate into the DC Universe, primarily by exploring the history of your favorite characters, but also with crossover events and other specific DC periods. We’re specialized in reading orders by trade paperbacks, but you’ll also find issue-by-issue orders for events.

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DC Comics

DC Comics Timeline, Events & Eras

DC Comics Crossover Events & Crisis

DC Comics era:

You can also take a look at the Marvel Reading Orders.

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DC Comics

DC Characters

Explore the DC Universe with reading guides covering a specific character (or a specific period in a character’s history).

The Bat-Family

Bruce Wayne/Batman

Robin, Past and Present

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Other Members, Allies, or Enemies of the Bat-family

The Superman Family

Green Lanterns

Saga of the Swamp Thing John Constantine Reading Orde

The Magical Side of DC

Other Characters

Justice League

Group & Teams

DC Comics Bombshells - Wonder Woman

Alternate Realities, Elseworlds, and more!

Vertigo Imprint & Other Imprints