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Gambit Comics Reading Order, Your Favourite Cajun (X-Men)

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He’s a cajun, a professional thief, and one of the X-Men’s most charming members. A master of kinetic energy from New Orleans, he has been called Le Diable Blanc but he is known as Gambit alias Remy LeBeau!

Gambit was created in 1990 by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee. Initially, the writer had planned for him to be, at first, an adversary or traitor to the X-Men. Following Claremont’s departure from the X-Men, the writers altered the original plan to better fit the readers’ expectations of the character. Our charming thief had indeed quickly conquered the hearts of the readers and became one of the most popular X-Men characters of the 90s.

Gambit made his first appearance in Uncanny X-Men #266. In the story, he helped a de-aged Storm with amnesia and they formed a partnership as thieves. When Storm returned to her true self, she invited Remy to join the X-Men. The secretive Gambit accepted the proposition to redeem himself of past actions. While Gambit’s past will eventually catch up with him, he quickly integrated into the team and formed close relationships with several members, including Rogue – with the two starting a turbulent romance and becoming one of the most iconic X-Men relationships.

Where to Start Reading Gambit?

If you want to learn a little more about Gambit’s early years, Marvel released a trade paperback collection of several stories to give some insight into the character for new readers:

  • X-Men Origins: Gambit
    Collects X-Men Origins: Gambit, Uncanny X-Men (1981) #266-267, X-Men (1991) #33, Gambit (1999) #25 and material from Nation X #2.

You can also find his first appearances and his first limited series collected in the following trade, also a good starting point:

For a more recent story, especially if you like his relationship with Rogue, we recommend to dive into Kelly Thompson’s Rogue and Gambit miniseries:

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Gambit Reading Order Guide

The Introduction of Gambit (1990-1991)

While Gambit doesn’t appear in Mutant Massacre, this story is quite important later on. So we invite you to start your journey here.

Next, the mutant thief Gambit makes his uncanny entrance by helping and starting a partnership with Storm! She sponsored Remy’s admission into the X-Men and the Cajun finds himself diving into the events of X-tinction Agenda and showing his combat skills as a page was turning for the X-Men…

Gambit, Part of the Blue Team (the 90s)

Following the return of the original X-Men, the mutants were split into two teams. While the Gold Team (in Uncanny X-Men) were under Storm’s leadership, the Blue Team was led by Cyclops. Gambit was a member of the latter in the new adjectiveless X-Men title. Claremont penned the first three issues, then left due to editorial conflict. Gambit was soon at the center of a story-arc (in X-Men #8), got his first limited series (in 1993) and saw his mysterious past explored.

  • X-Men Epic Collection: Bishop’s Crossing
    Collects Uncanny X-Men #281-288, Uncanny X-Men Annual  #16, X-Men (vol. 2) #4-9, X-Men Annual (vol. 2) #1, Ghost Rider (1990) #26-27.
  • X-Men Epic Collection: The X-Cutioner’s Song
    Collects Uncanny X-Men (1981) #289-296, X-Men (1991) #10-16, X-Factor (1986) #84-86, X-Force (1991) #16-18.
  • X-Men Epic Collection: Legacies
    Collects Uncanny X-Men (1981) #297-300, Uncanny X-Men Annual (1992) #17, X-Men (1991) #17-23, Stryfe’s Strike File And X-Men Unlimited (1993) #1.
  • X-Men Epic Collection: Fatal Attractions
    Collects Uncanny X-Men (1981) #301-306, X-Men (1991) #24-25, X-Men Unlimited (1993) #2, Wolverine (1988) #75, Gambit (1993) #1-4 and X-Men: Survival Guide to the Mansion.
  • X-Men: The Wedding of Cyclops & Phoenix
    Collects X-Men (vol. 2) #26-35, Avengers #368-369, Avengers West Coast #101, Uncanny X-Men #307-310, Cable #6-8, X-Men Unlimited # 3, Uncanny X-Men Annual #18, X-Men: The Wedding Album, What If? #60, Adventures Of Cyclops And Phoenix #1-4, Material From Marvel Valentine Special.
  • X-Men Milestones: Phalanx Covenant
    Collects Uncanny X-Men #305-306, #312-313, #316-317; Excalibur #78-80, #82; X-Men (vol. 2) #36-37; X-Factor #106; X-Force #38; Wolverine #85; Cable #16.
  • X-Men: Legionquest
    Collects Uncanny X-Men #318-321, X-Men (vol. 2) #38-41, X-Men Unlimited #4-7, X-Men Annual (1992) #3, X-Factor #107-109, Cable #20.

It’s time for The Age of Apocalypse! As Gambit was quite popular at this time, an alternate version of the character was the lead in the miniseries Gambit and the X-Ternals, collected with the main event in X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Omnibus. For more details, go read the dedicated X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Reading Order.

Following those events, let’s simply said that most of what happens is not major for Gambit until the Trial of Gambit story arc! Left behind at the end, he quickly made his return in Uncanny X-Men #361 and was once again part of the X-Men. This part is mostly optional as the most important developments happened in his first ongoing series written by Fabian Nicieza.

Gambit in the Modern Era (2001-2010)

Gambit plays a supporting role in the globetrotting X-Men team led by Storm in the pages of X-Treme X-Men (from Chris Claremont), starting with issue #5 before Marvel decided to revamp the X-Men once again. The character can then be found in Chuck Austen’s unpopular Uncanny X-Men run, and later plays a central role in an Apocalypse arc written by Peter Milligan. For a better Gambit story, turn your attention towards his new ongoing series!

Both series heavily feature Rogue, and he’s more of a backup character.

The World of the X-Men is about to change forever! It’s time for House of M, a big Avengers/X-Men Event (for more information see our Reading order).

This is where The Messiah Complex takes place, and following those events, Gambit is present, more as a backup character, in Mike Carey’s X-Men: Legacy.

Marvel’s Dark Reign era starts around here. Messiah War, the sequel to Messiah Complex, is set during this period.

  • X-Men: Legacy – Salvage
    Collects X-Men: Legacy #219-225.
  • Avengers/X-Men: Utopia
    Collects X-Men: Legacy #226-227, Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Utopia one-shot, Uncanny X-Men #513–514, Dark Avengers #7–8, Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus one-shot, Dark X-Men: The Beginning #1–3, and Dark X-Men: The Confession one-shot.
  • X-Men: Legacy – Emplate
    Collects X-Men: Legacy #228–230 and X-Men Legacy Annual #1

The noughties are coming to an end for the X-Men with the conclusion of the Messiah Trilogy, Second Coming. Gambit goes on a mission to Limbo during this event.

Gambit in the 2010s

The last decade didn’t offer a lot of great material for Gambit, but our favorite Cajun starts the ’10s with more panache as he plays a supporting role in X-23 as a more brother figure/mentor. Following the schism between Cyclops and Wolverine that tore the X-Men apart, he chose for a hot minute to be part of the teaching staff at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning (X-Men: Regenesis) but quickly returned to his thieving habits in his new ongoing series!

Gambit was heavily featured in the new iteration of the X-Factor superhero team written by Peter David. Remy was recruited by Polaris to be part of the new X-Factor team she was leading, on behalf of Serval Industries. Also, the Regeneratin’ Degenerate and the Ragin’ Cajun begrudgingly take on a job together in Deadpool v Gambit.

A good time for the fans of Gambit and Rogue as the two X-Men take their relationship to the next level with the following stories. First, they are both part of the new Astonishing X-Men team from Charles Soule, then they are sent undercover in Rogue & Gambit by Kelly Thompson before we can hear the wedding bells in the X-Men World. Finally, the couple stars in Mr. and Mrs. X miniseries, also by Thompson.

Gambit in the Krakoa era (2019-2024)

During the Krakoan era, Gambit and Rogue joined their mutant friends and former enemies in the new mutant nation. Both became part of the Excalibur team for a few years. When the title came to an end, Rogue joined the main X-Men while Gambit stayed with the Excalibur team in Knights of X. They both play a role in the Revenge of the Brood crossover story between the X-Men and Captain Marvel, before some couple adventures. Before the conclusion of the Krakoa era, Gambit had a new opportunity to shine in Dark X-Men. Just know that this is not a great era for the character.

The Krakoa era concluded with Fall of the House of X!

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