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Hunt for Wolverine (and Return of Wolverine) Reading Order, the follow-up to Death of Wolverine

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Hunt for Wolverine - Reading Order

At the end of 2014, Marvel did the unthinkable: kill Wolverine! It would take almost four years for our favorite mutant to reappear (don’t worry so, Old Man Logan was here during that period). But before Logan could really come back, he had to be found. And this is how was launched the Hunt for Wolverine!

Per Marvel official synopsis: Wolverine is back – but where is he? Just as the X-Men have finally come to terms with Logan’s death, a terrible secret means old wounds are reopened, truths are questioned, and an epic quest begins across the Marvel Universe. But who will solve the puzzle first? Will it be Daredevil and his crack squad of investigators, including Misty Knight? Or Logan’s former fellow New Avengers, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage? Or perhaps Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike and Daken will be the ones to track him down! With mystery in Madripoor and around the globe, the return of Wolverine will keep you guessing!

What to read before the Hunt for Wolverine?

Hunt for Wolverine is a follow-up to the Death of Wolverine storyline, which had happened almost four years before. To know more about it, check out our Death of Wolverine reading order.

  • Death of Wolverine: The Complete Collection
    Collects Death Of Wolverine #1-4, Death Of Wolverine: The Weapon X Program #1-5, Death Of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy #1-7, Death Of Wolverine: Deadpool & Captain America #1, Death Of Wolverine: Life After Logan #1

To discover more stories with our favorite Canadian mutant, check out the Wolverine reading order.

Hunt for Wolverine (and Return of Wolverine) Reading Order: Collected editions

The whole storyline has been collected in one over-sized hardcover

  • Hunt For Wolverine - Oversized HardcoverHunt for Wolverine
    collects Hunt For Wolverine #1, Hunt For Wolverine: Weapon Lost #1-4, Hunt For Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda #1-4, Hunt For Wolverine: Claws Of A Killer #1-4, Hunt For Wolverine: Mystery In Madripoor #1-4, Where’s Wolverine pages.

The four mini-series have also been collected in trade paperbacks

Wolverine’s story continues in the limited series Return of Wolverine.

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Hunt for Wolverine Reading Order: Issue by Issue

Where is Wolverine? the post-credits scenes:

Wolverine first made his return in the pages of Marvel Legacy #1, in possession of an infinity stone, before popping up everywhere, appearing on the last page of the following Marvel books.

  • Marvel Legacy #1
  • Captain America #697
  • The Mighty Thor #703
  • Amazing Spider-Man #794
  • Marvel 2-In-One #3
  • Avengers #680
  • Infinity Countdown Prime #1
  • Black Panther #170
  • X-Men: Red #2
  • Infinity Countdown #1
  • Incredible Hulk #714
  • Invincible Iron Man #598

Hunt for Wolverine: Main Plot and Tie-ins

As Wolverine’s whereabouts are unknown, the hunt is on! Daredevil leads a team to investigate in Weapon Lost; The New Avengers reunite to find their formerly fallen friend in Adamantium Agenda; his greatest foes join forces to track him down in Claws of a Killer; finally, the women in Wolvie’s life try to uncover the truth about his return in Mystery in Madripoor.

  • Hunt for Wolverine #1
  • Hunt for Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda #1-4
  • Hunt for Wolverine: Claws of a Killer #1-4
  • Hunt for Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor #1-4
  • Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost #1-4
  • Hunt for Wolverine: Dead Ends #1

Return of Wolverine

  • Return of Wolverine (2018) #1-5


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After Hunt for Wolverine and Return of Wolverine

Wolverine has always been one of the busiest X-Man, and no sooner has he made his return that you can find him in several titles:

  • Wolverine had an Infinity Stone when he came back. And the limited series Wolverine: Infinity Watch, by Gerry Duggan is a sort of follow-up to that story, for those interested.
  • Wolverine and the Hulk are back in action – and coming after the dangerous creation made in their name in Hulkverines by Greg Park.
  • Following X-Men Disassembled and his return from the dead, Wolverine joins the Uncanny X-Men from Matthew Rosenberg.

Readers have to wait a little bit for Wolverine to finally headline again his own title, written by Benjamin Percy, and launched as part of the Reign X/Jonathan Hickman’s era.

Last Updated on July 17, 2022.

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