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DC Infinite Frontier, The Complete Reading Order

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At the end of Dark Nights: Death Metal, the DC Universe has expanded into a large Omniverse or a multiverse of multiverses and a new DC era called Infinite Frontier was launched.

Was does it means for you readers? Despite the relaunch of many titles with new creative teams to make it easier for new readers to jump in, Infinite Frontier was not a reboot of any kind. It was the total opposite as the concept now was that anything can be canon.

Some books are more friendlier to new readers than others, especially if a new team was put on the title. Some actually wrote a story for Future State, a two-month-long event preceding Infinite Frontier and taking place in a “possible future” and offering us, for some comics, a sneak peek of what’s to come.

But other books were the continuation of previous runs, like James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez’s Batman or Ram V’s Catwoman, making it a little less accessible. And yes, there is a lot of Batman/Bat-family titles during that era!

The Infinite Frontier era (and the event of the same name launching the era) was shepherded by writer Joshua Williamson and lasted less than two years, from March 2021 to January 2023!

Following is a massive reading order for the Infinite Frontier era. I tried to organize this order taking into account family titles and chronology — and I’ll always advise reading about the characters you care about and not all, as this is a lot (and not everything is worth reading!).


This reading guide is a work in progress. As we enter Dawn of DC, there is still a lot of material from the Infinite Frontier era to be released in trade paperbacks and to be placed in this guide. This is also a personal and imperfect timeline of the Infinite Frontier era. 

This article doesn’t list all the stories out of main continuity, in the past or in a possible future published during that time (with one exception as it connects with a crossover).

  1. The events before Infinite Frontier
  2. Leaping into the Infinite Frontier era, with the Infinite Frontier series and the Batfamily Part 1
  3. Let’s Team Up and Cross over! with The Justice League, Suicide Squad, the Titans and Swamp Thing
  4. Superman and Son, or Superman Family Part 1
  5. In Space and Under the Sea: exploring the other parts of the DC Universe With Green Lanterns and Aquaman
  6. Wonder Woman and the Amazons
  7. Batman: Fear State, Batfamily Part 2
  8. War For Earth-3, the Suicide Squad, The Flash, and Teen Titans Academy crossover
  9. (The Road to) The Shadow War, Batfamily Part 3
  10. Superman Family Part 2
  11. A new era for the detective of the night, Batfamily Part 4
  12. The End is near, with the Justice League and Black Adam
  13. Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, the conclusion to the Infinite Frontier/Justice League Incarnate arc
  14. Lazarus Planet, the Road to Dawn of DC
  15. Coming Soon, the future trade paperbacks

If you want to follow only Batman or the Superman Family, we have dedicated reading orders (also listing the out-of-main continuity stories):

And of course, lots of characters have their own reading order, so don’t forget to check out our DC Comics Reading Order Guide Page!

DC Infinite Frontier Reading Order

0. The events before Infinite Frontier

Infinite Frontier is the follow-up to the 2016 DC Rebirth relaunch. This specific period concluded with a sequence of events:

  • Dark Nights: Death Metal, which was the follow-up to Dark Nights: Metal and concluded with the return of the Infinite Multiverse
  • Generations, which was supposed to be a limited series exploring the new timeline following the 5G reboot. But Dan Didio, co-publisher and creative force behind the initiative stepped down from his position and all the plan at DC were changed. Generations became two optional one-shots titled Generations: Shattered and Generations: Forged celebrating DC’s continuity.
  • Future State, a two-month event offering us a glimpse into a possible future. It is said that, at some point, DC was ready to change the statu-quo under a new brand initiative called 5G but when those plans were scrapped, a part of it was recycled to give us Future State.

You really don’t have to read any of that. As always choose the stories you want to explore to know more about the DC Universe and the characters you care about, check out who wrote and draw those stories and have fun!

I. Leaping into the Infinite Frontier era

It’s time to jump into the Infinite Frontier era with the miniseries of the same name serving to launch this period and reintroducing legacy characters.

  • Infinite Frontier
    Collects Infinite Frontier #0–6 and Infinite Frontier: Secret Files #1

As said in the introduction, James Tynion’s run continues on Batman while writer Mariko Tamaki (with artist Dan More) took over Detective Comics, dealing with the aftermath of the Joker War (Batman’s last event).

Ram V continues his run on Catwoman and it would be recommended to read the previous trade paperback to know more about Selina Kyle’s situation. Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo are the new creative teams for Nightwing, and writer Stephanie Phillips and artist Riley Rossmo are the new duo for Harley Quinn. Damian Wayne headlines a new series by Joshua Williamson, while fans of Jason Todd will have to turn their attention towards the new anthology ‘Urban Legends’ (and for Tim, wait for the second volume).

Finally, let’s notice The Next Batman: The Second Son, telling the origin of Tim “Jace” Fox, the Batman of Future State.

Joker Batman New 52 Reading Order

Following the events of Infinite Frontier #0 and the Joker War, The Joker gets targeted as the most wanted man in the world! But the Clown Prince of Crime is several steps ahead of law enforcement—and he’s on the run overseas. But don’t be fooled by the title from James Tynion, Matthew Rosenberg and Guillem March, this Joker series is more about James Gordon than Batman’s iconic enemy!

Justice League

II. Let’s Team Up and Cross over!

Meet the new Justice League under writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist David Marquez– though beware that it is not a popular run! And the amateurs of the dark arts can rejoice with a new Justice League Dark title (written by Ram V). In parallel, the Titans open an academy to form the next generation.

Swamp Thing/Suicide Squad/Titans Academy are already crossing over each other (beware of spoilers) and all those titles will be linked by the War for Earth-3 event taking place a little bit later!

It can be also a good time to read Checkmate. This limited series is a follow-up to Event Leviathan and features Lois Lane, Green Arrow, the Question, Talia al Ghul, and other allies converging to tackle Leviathan as members of the new Checkmate.

III. Superman and Son

There is two Superman in the Infinite Frontier era. As he goes into space for the Warworld Saga written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Clark Kent leaves the Earth under the protection of his son Jon as the new Superman, in Superman: Son of Kal-El (written by Tom Taylor).

You can also make a stop here to read the new Mister Miracle limited series. Spinning out of DC Future State, this is the story of how Shilo Norman became the Mister Miracle of tomorrow.

IV. In Space and Under the Sea: exploring the other parts of the DC Universe

There’s no doubt that there is a lot of Batman during the Infinite Frontier era, and sometimes you want something a little bit different, a little bit Green, Blue or Gold maybe?

Here you’ll find the adventures of other DC superheroes, from the Green Lanterns’ epic adventures to Ted Kord and Booster Gold team-up.

You can also dive into several Aquaman stories as the King of Atlantis celebrates his 80 years with fellow hero Green Arrow, and Jackson Hyde and Black Manta headline their own series.

Wonder Woman Reading Order

V. Wonder Woman and the Amazons

The world of Wonder Woman is expanding in this era with the introduction of Yara Flor, the new Wonder Girl and Nubia becoming a more prominent character.

Beware! With the short Trial of Amazons event, the books related to that story contain spoilers for each other.

VI. Batman: Fear State

A new Batman event! As the official synopsis said: Gotham City is on the brink of martial law as Batman fights a two-front battle! The Scarecrow is unleashing a devasting attack on the city while the Magistrate have made their move to invade! Gotham City is on the brink of a violent evolutionary path and the danger level to Batman and his allies reaching a fever pitch!

We invite you to check our Fear State issue by issue if you want to read this event in a specific order. Otherwise, it is always advised to read the main event and the other titles you are interested in after.

Cass is kicking Batman’s ass in Batman #112

What is Task Force Z? Red Hood is without the Outlaws in this era and is leading a team of supervillains zombies in this series written by Matthew Rosenberg.

Suicide Squad (logo)

VII. War For Earth-3

Another event alert! The Teen Titans, the Flash and the Suicide Squad all collide on Earth-3 on the hunt for former Task Force X mastermind Amanda Waller!

To know more about it, consult our War for Earth-3 issue by issue order.

Ram V’s run on The Swamp Thing is concluding soon after with this last volume where a new parliament stakes its claim upon the industry of humankind.


The follow-up to Infinite Frontier! This could be a good place to read Justice League Incarnate, the second part of Joshua Williamson’s arc in this era.

The Justice League Incarnate defends the Multiverse from Darkseid across infinite Earths!

VIII. The Shadow War

Arkham Asylum has been destroyed—unleashing Ten-Eyed Man, Professor Pyg, Mad Hatter, and more onto the streets of Gotham. Now, it’s up to the Asylum’s one remaining doctor, Jocasta Joy, to round up her former patients in this horror limited series with also Azrael:

A few months later, writer Dan Watters continues Jean-Paul Valley story in a new series starring the former Batman:

  • Sword of Azrael
    Collects Sword of Azrael: Dark Knight of the Soul #1 (this is a reprint of his appearances in Batman: Urban Legends) & Sword of Azrael #1-6.

No rest for the wicked! It’s one event after another for Batman! First, it’s the “Shadows of the Bat” 12-issue story written by Mariko Tomasi. The Bat-family deals with the aftermath of Fear State, with a new villain and the creation of the Arkham Tower.

Then, Joshua Williamson starts the Shadow War featuring Batman, Damian Wayne, and Deathstroke. Following a major death, father and son team up to track down Deathstroke and bring him to justice… For more information, see our Shadow War reading order.

Following those events, you can go back to the beginning of the story for Slade Wilson with this forgettable retelling of his origins:

IX. Superman Family (Part 2)

While his son continues to act as the protector of Earth, Clark Kent is still off-world battling in the universe. Soon, Kara Zor-El also goes into space to help an alien girl in her quest for vengeance in a short series written by Tom King.

A little interlude with DC’s ragtag group of heroes led by Red Tornado. this team is here to provide service with a smile. All you must do is send a request via their on-demand hero app and they’ll answer any call. Whether it’s a children’s birthday party or an alien invasion, no job is too small or too big! Written by Mark Russell.

X. A new era for the detective of the night

Dick Grayson/Nightwing continues to invest his time and money to help Blüdhaven while the Riddler makes his return to Gotham, Batman teams up with Zatanna, and more…

Two new series are launched! The new Batman Incorporated series from Ed Brisson and John Timms features Ghost-Maker and his team of Batmen! John Ridley and Stefano Raffaele turn their attention towards the GCPD and new GCPD commissioner, Renee Montoya in GCPD: The Blue Wall.

As Punchline is back in the streets of Gotham, Chip Zdarsky’s run on Batman starts, joining artist Jorge Jimenez at a time where Bruce Wayne is haunted by dreams of a dark future.

Justice League

XI. The End is near

Bendis’s run on the Justice League concludes with the colliding of the Justice League and The Legion of Super Heroes. Naomi is back to uncover the truth behind the new mysteries around herself and her powers. Arthur Curry and Jackson Hyde are working together as Aquamen before tragedy strikes…

XII. Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths

You heard about it and you never believe for one second it would last. Yes, I’m talking about the death of the Justice League in issue #75! It’s the start of Dark Crisis, renamed later Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths — the third and last part of Joshua Williamson’s arc. Follow our Dark Crisis Reading Guide Issue by Issue for more details!

  • Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths
    Collects Justice League #75 and Dark Crisis #1–7.
  • Dark Crisis: Young Justice
    Collects Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1–6.
  • Dark Crisis: Worlds without a Justice League
    Collects Dark Crisis: Worlds Without A Justice League – Superman #1, Dark Crisis: Worlds Without A Justice League – Green Lantern #1, Dark Crisis: Worlds Without A Justice League – Wonder Woman #1, Dark Crisis: Worlds Without A Justice League – Green Arrow #1, And Dark Crisis: Worlds Without A Justice League – Batman #1.
  • Tales from Dark Crisis
    Collects Justice League: Road To Dark Crisis #1, Dark Crisis: The Deadly Green #1, Dark Crisis: The Dark Army #1, Dark Crisis: War Zone #1, And Dark Crisis: Big Bang #1.

XIII. Lazarus Planet

Barely one month after the conclusion of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, the DC Universe is affected by another crisis, this time with Mark Waid at the helm. This is the perfect moment to read the first issues of Batman/Superman: World’s Finest, a story taking place at a time when Dick Grayson was Robin which introduces us to the antagonist of Lazarus Planet! We also invite you to discover a new hero, Monkey Prince and reconnect with Mary Marvel, the new champion of Shazam (don’t know what happens to Billy? Check out Titans Academy!)

Don’t forget to check out our Lazarus Planet reading order to know the best order to read those issues!

DC Comics

Coming Soon…(and not placed yet)

The following collected editions are part of this era, but are not yet placed or not available… and there’s more to come!

Last Updated on August 3, 2023.


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