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Tim Drake Reading Order (Robin III, Red Robin, Drake)

Tim Drake (Robin) Reading-Order

After Dick Grayson and Jason Todd, Timothy Jackson Drake is our third Robin. Created by writer Marv Wolfman and artist Pat Broderick, Tim Drake made his first appearance in Batman #436 in August 1989. He introduced himself to Dick Grayson in the storyline Batman: A Lonely Place of Dying, and is convinced that “Batman needs Robin.”

Having great detective skills and Genius-level intellect, Tim Drake had discovered the real identity of Batman and the original Robin (though, I’m not convinced you need to be Sherlock Holmes to arrive at this conclusion!). As Dick refuses to become Robin again, Tim was the perfect young boy to take the mantle and become the third Robin. Though Batman will make him go through a rigorous training program for his own safety (to avoid history repeating itself), Tim Drake will obviously rise up to the challenge.

Recognized as the most intellectually gifted of the Robins, he speaks several languages, excels in computer science, and possesses a large knowledge in other scientific fields, including biology, engineering, and genetics. He is also the most calculated of all Robins in combat, and of course a great martial artist.

What to read before?

Though Tim is not present in this storyline, we invite you to read the now classic ‘A Death in the Family’, marking the end of Jason Todd as Robin, offering a better context about where Batman stands when Tim enters the scene and explaining some of his choices.

  • Batman: A Death in the Family
    Collects the original Death in the Family tale from Batman #426-429 plus “A Lonely Place of Dying” from Batman #440-442 and The New Titans #60-61.

Tim Drake Reading Order

Post-Crisis: Introducing the new Robin (1989 – 1993)

if Tim Drake made his first appearance in Batman #436 (in the storyline Batman: Year Three), his origins are detailed in Batman: A Lonely Place of Dying. The choice was made to develop the character slowly, and he was not put into the costume immediately. He made his first official ‘Robin’ appearance in 1991.

You can now discover Tim Drake’s first adventures in a Compendium (a regular-sized, softcover book collecting a large number of comics), following The Boy Wonder’s journey to Europe, confronting Lady Shiva, King Snake, and more!

Most of those stories were previously collected in Robin Vol. 1: Reborn and Robin Vol. 2: Triumphant. This Compendium also collects the first issues of the first ongoing comic book series to spotlight the Boy Wonder! This title started during Knightfall. See below for more information!

Robin Letter Icon Reading Order Damian Wayne

Robin (1993–2009)

It’s during the famous Knightfall saga (see reading order) that the new Robin series is launched. Bruce comes face-to-face against the monstrosity known as Bane, who delivers a crippling blow destined to change the Caped Crusader forever!

It means some difficult time ahead for Tim, but also a lot of success with his own title written by Chuck Dixon (#1-100,  #170-174), Jon Lewis (#100-120),  Bill Willingham (#121–147), Adam Beechen (#148-153), and Fabian Nicieza (#175-183) and others. And penciled by Tom Grummett, Phil Jimenez, Mike Wieringo, Staz Johnson, Pete Woods, Damion Scott, Scott McDaniel, Freddie Williams II

  • Batman: Knightfall Omnibus Vol. 1
    Collects Batman #484-500, Batman: Shadow Of The Bat #16-18, Batman: Vengeance Of Bane #1, Detective Comics #654-666 And Showcase ’93 #7-8.
  • Batman: Knightfall Omnibus Vol. 2: Knightquest
    Collects Batman #501-508, Batman Legends Of The Dark Knight #59-61, Batman: Shadow Of The Bat #19-27, Catwoman #6-7 Detective Comics #667-675, Justice League Task Force #5-6, Robin #1-2 And 7, And Showcase ’94 #7.
  • Batman: Knightfall Omnibus Vol. 3: KnightsEnd
    Collects Batman #509-510 & #512-515, Batman: Shadow Of The Bat #29-30 & #32-35, Detective Comics #676-677 & #679-682, Robin #8-9 & #11-14, Catwoman #12-13, Batman: Legends Of The Dark Knight #62-63, Showcase ’94 #10, Nightwing: Alfred’s Return #1, Batman: Vegeance Of Bane #2.

Robin Vol. 5 War of the Dragons - Tim Drake Reading Order

Robin Letter Icon Reading Order Damian WayneRobin (vol. 4) #23-120 are not collected in trade paperbacks, for now, at least… During that period, Tim Drake was quite active during a number of events.

Young Justice Logo (Reading Order)This is roughly where Young Justice (1998-2003) was launched. As the Teen Titans are now adults and changed their name to the Titans, Young Justice became the teenage superhero team, featuring our boy Robin, Superboy, Wonder Girl, Impulse, and Red Tornado. You can start to read Young Justice at that point, but it’s not an obligation. Written by Peter David and penciled by Todd Nauck.

  • Young Justice Book One
    Collects Young Justice #1–7, #1,000,000, JLA: World Without Grown-ups #1–2, Secret Origins 80-Page Giant #1, Young Justice: The Secret #1, Young Justice: Secret Files #1.
  • Young Justice Book Two
    Collects Young Justice #8–17, Young Justice 80-Page Giant #1, Young Justice in No Man’s Land #1, Supergirl #36–37; bonus material from Young Justice Secret Files #1.

    • Robin (vol.4) #54, #67, #68-73 are part of the Batman: No Man’s Land storyline (see the full reading order for more information) and are collected in:
    • Batman: No Man’s Land Vol. 2
      Collects Batman: Legends Of The Dark Knight #119-121, Batman: Shadow Of The Bat #87 And 88, Batman #567 And 568, Detective Comics #734 And 735, Young Justice In No Man’s Land #1, Robin #67, Azrael: Agent Of The Bat #56, Batman Chronicles #17, Nightwing #35-37, Catwoman #72-74.
    • Batman: No Man’s Land Vol. 3
      Collects Batman #569-71, Detective Comics #736-738, Azrael: Agent Of The Bat #58, Batman: Legends Of The Dark Knight #122-124, Batman: Shadow Of The Bat #90-92, Robin #68-72, Batman: No Man’s Land Secret Files #1.
    • Batman: No Man’s Land Vol. 4
      Collects Batman Chronicles #18, Batman #572-574, Detective Comics #739-741, Batman: Legends Of The Dark Knight #125-126, Robin #73, Batman: Shadow Of The Bat #93-94, Azrael: Agent Of The Bat #59-61, Catwoman #75-77, Nightwing #38-39, Batman: No Man’s Land #0.
    • Robin (vol.4) #86 is part of Batman: Officer Down.
    • Robin (vol.4) #95 is part of Joker: Last Laugh.
    • Robin (vol.4) #98-99 are part of Bruce Wayne: Murderer?/Fugitive
    • Robin (vol.4) #100 is Chuck Dixon’s final issue on the title, co-written by Jon Lewis. Lewis became the author for the next 20 issues.

Young Justice Logo (Reading Order)Young Justice continues! Those issues take place post-No Man Land’s through War Games or during Robin #60-125.

Teen Titans Vol.3 (2003-2011) - Reading OrderNow a member of Teen Titans! Spinning out of the Graduation Day storyline, Robin, Superboy and Wonder Girl, Impulse, Robin, Superboy and Wonder Girl receive invitations to join the new Teen Titans.

The Teen Titans (vol. 3) (2003–2011) was written by Geoff Johns through issue “46. He was succeeded by Sean McKeever (#51-71), Bryan Q. Miller (#72-74), Felicia D. Henderson (#75-76, #79-87), and J.T. Krul (#77-78, #88-100). With art from Mike McKone, Al Barrionuevo, Eddy Barrows, Ed Benes, Joe Bennett, José Luis, Nicola Scott

  • Teen Titans by Geoff Johns Book One (new reprint line)
    Collects Teen Titans vol. 3 #1–12, #1/2, Teen Titans/Outsiders Secret Files and Origins 2003. Previously collected in Teen Titans:  
    A Kid’s Game and Teen Titans: Family Lost.

Robin Letter Icon Reading Order Damian WayneThis is the beginning of Bill Willingham’s run (creator of Fables) on the Robin title, and this is also during that time that Stephanie became Robin for a very short stint (Robin #126-128). The event unraveling during that period has consequences for Tim and the rest of the Batfamily.

  • Robin Unmasked - Tim Drake Reading OrderRobin: Unmasked!
    Collects Robin (vol. 4) #121–125.
  • Batman: War Games Book One
    Collects Batgirl #53, #55, Batman #631, Batman: The 12-Cent Adventure, Batman Legends Of The Dark Knight #182, Batman Gotham Knights #56, Catwoman #34, Detective Comics #790-797, Nightwing #96, Robin #126-129 And Solo #10.
  • Batman: War Games Book Two
    Collects Batgirl #56-57, Batman #632-634,642-644, Batman Legends Of The Dark Knight #183-184, Batman Gotham Knights #57-58, Batman Secret Files And Origins Allies 2005, Batman Secret Files And Origins Villains 2005, Catwoman #35-36, Detective Comics #798-800, #809-810, Nightwing #97-98, And Robin #130-131.

Infinite Crisis Logo Reading OrderInfinite Crisis! As the event was written by Geoff Johns, it is no surprise that the Teen Titans were front and center during the build-up and events of the Infinite Crisis crossover. And once again, the event will lead to a tragedy… For more information about the whole story, check out our Infinite Crisis reading order.

Robin Letter Icon Reading Order Damian WayneOne Year Later! Following the events of the Infinite Crisis storyline, “One Year Later” makes us jump exactly one year into the future of DC to explore all the changes that have affected our heroes.

Batman Logo (pré New 52)Grant Morrison’s run on Batman begins here. He introduced Damian Wayne, son of Bruce Wayne (you can find more information about him here) and took the Dark Knight from the brink of death to the edge of madness.

For more context for the end of this period, check out Batman R.I.P. and Final Crisis.

Robin Search For a Hero - Tim Drake Reading Order

Red Robin (2009–2011)

Following the Bat-family shakeup that happened with Battle for the Cowl, where Dick Grayson took the mantle of Batman and choose Damian as his Robin, Tim Drake cut himself from the rest of the Bat-family. Hurt by Dick’s choice and convinced that Bruce is still alive, he assumes the identity of Red Robin and leaves Gotham to travel the globe looking for a dead man. Red Robin was written by Christopher Yost (#1-12) and Fabian Nicieza (#13-26).

Red Robin The Grail - Tim Drake Reading Order

New 52 Tim Drake (2011–2016)

Following the conclusion of Flashpoint (see Reading Order), DC rebooted its continuity with the New 52. Various changes were made to sort of update the characters and Tim Drake had a new origin story, still an athletic and popular teenage genius but a lesser detective (as he only comes close to discovering the Batman’s identity, but doesn’t figure it out.) He’s also never taken the mantle of Robin preferring to be called Red Robin out of respect for his (assuming-dead) predecessor. He’s also considered one of the founding members and the leader of the Teen Titans, where the character is during most of that period (a series penned by writer Scott Lobdell and artist Brett Booth) when he is not entangled in some Batman event.

Batman Logo (pré New 52)Morrison’s saga concludes here, with Batman Incorporated (you can read the whole arc in one sitting), and have a major impact on the Bat-family once over.

Batman Eternal LogoBatman Eternal is a year-long weekly limited series examining the relationship between the heroes, villains, and citizens of Gotham City! In the wake of Forever Evil, the world looks at heroes in a different light, creating tension between Batman and his allies and the Gotham City Police Department. Tim Drake is a recurring character in this title, and appeared in 24 issues (out of 52). The series was written by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Ray Fawkes, Kyle Higgins, and Tim Seeley.

Or in trade paperbacks:

Batman and RobinTo reconnect with Damian before Robin War, you have to read the storyline Batman: Robin Rises, in which Batman wages a war against the forces of Apokolips over the fate of his son. Tim Drake is one of his allies in this fight (with also Jason Todd and Batgirl).

Following Scott Lobdell’s mostly negative reviews run on Teen Titans, the title was relaunched with Will Pfeifer as writer

Batman and Robin Eternal is a follow-up to Batman Eternal, and contrary to what the title suggests, and star all three former male Robins — Dick Grayson, Jason Todd and Tim Drake (Damian only appears in the last issues) — dealing with an enemy from the past. It takes place after Batman, Vol. 7: Endgame. For more Batman information during this period, check out our reading order covering Scott Snyder’s run on Batman.

Rebirth Tim Drake (2016–2021)

DC relaunched once again with Rebirth, operating a new soft reboot. Tim Drake’s origin story reverted to that of the original universe, where he discovers Batman and Robin’s identities after Jason Todd’s death and became Robin before adopting the Red Robin persona.  This is an era where Tim has a reduced present, as he finds himself at the center of a mystery during some time in Batman: Detective Comics, written by James Tynion IV and penciled by Eddy Barrows and Alvaro Martinez.

Young Justice Logo (Reading Order)Tim Drake took the road at the end of Detective Comics #981 to reappear later for the Young Justice relaunch, signed Brian Michael Bendis (and David F. Walker later on), with Patrick Gleason, John Timms, and Scott Godlewski for the art. It is during that time that Tim took on the new identity of Drake. But everybody thought it was stupid, this identity was quickly retired.

Joker Batman New 52 Reading OrderThe Clown Prince of Crime and the Dark Knight Detective go head-to-head in James Tynion’s Joker War (see reading order) where Tim appears, though he is not one of the main characters.

Batman who laughs Icon Reading OrderThe Rebirth era comes to an end with Dark Nights: Death Metal (reading order here), the follow-up to Dark Nights: Metal, though Tim does nothing in it (he is mostly present in group shots). For context: When the DC Universe is enveloped by the Dark Multiverse, the Justice League is at the mercy of the Batman Who Laughs. Humanity struggles to survive in a hellish landscape twisted beyond recognition, while Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman have all been separated and must fight to survive.

DC Future State LogoAnd in the Aftermath of this storyline came the event ‘Future State’, which takes place in a possible future of the DC Universe with the conclusion leading us into DC’s Infinite Frontier soft relaunch. In that possible future, Tim Drake is fighting for the fate of Gotham City (see our Future State reading order for more information about this event).

Infinite Frontier/Dawn Of DC (2021–…)

Not a proper relaunch, more a follow-up to DC Rebirth, Infinite Frontier takes place in the world where the DC Multiverse has expanded into a larger “Omniverse” where everything is canon (or something like that) before the DC Universe entered another period with Dawn of DC. The continuity during this time for Batman and his family is often a mess and the two period are intertwined and cannot be properly separated.

Those last years for Tim have mostly been about his private life, as the character broke off with Stephanie off-panel and came out as bisexual (in Batman: Urban Legends #6). Tim also plays a part in Chip Zdarsky’s run on Batman as Tim is his favorite Robin.

The story continues…

Did we forget an important issue? Did we make a mistake? Let us know in the comments!

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