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Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge by Carl Barks, A Duck Comics Reading Order Guide

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Carl Barks is one of the most influential American cartoonists. Dubbed The Duck Man or The Good Duck artist by his fans, Barks is known for his work in Disney comic books, as the writer and artist of the first Donald Duck stories and the creator of the iconic and rich duck, Scrooge McDuck.

If Scrooge McDuck is his most famous creation, he is not the only one as Barks is the architect of Duckburg, located in the fictional U.S. state of Calisota, and many of its inhabitants such as Gladstone Gander, Donald’s cousin and The Luckiest Person in the World; the Beagle Boys, the family clan of organized criminals who try (and fails) to rob uncle Scrooge; Gyro Gearloose, genius inventor and friend of Donald; Magica De Spell, the Italian sorceress; and more. Let’s simply say that if Disney created the Donald Duck universe, Carl Barks really built it–and for this reason, Don Rosa called it the Barks Universe.

Like many European people, I grew up with the Duck clan (and other classic Disney comics), and those stories were and still are popular in Europe. It was one of those things that most households had, with Asterix and Tintin.

If those comics seem to not have the same iconic status in the US as in Europe, readers can at least now enjoy all of Carl Barks’ amazing Duck work with the ongoing collection The Complete Carl Barks Disney Library by publisher Fantagraphics. It’s an amazing way to read Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge, Huey, Dewey, and Louie’s adventures.

The Complete Carl Barks Disney Library: Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge Reading Order Guide:

When Fantagraphics began the collection in 2011, they first published volume 7, Lost in the Andes, as they opted to publish the most popular stories first to attract more readers. For the moment, the first four volumes have not been released, but the collection will offer a chronological order of Barks’ stories when all will be published.

The Complete Carl Barks Disney Library: Box sets

A double dose of Ducks! Fantagraphics also released the Carl Barks Disney Library in box sets. It collects two volumes presented in a colorful box set.

What to read after The Complete Carl Barks Disney Library?

After Carl Barks, Don Rosa has continued Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge, and the nephews’ adventures in comic form and Fantagraphics has published a complete library of Don Rosa’s Disney comics.

Last Updated on February 23, 2024.

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