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Comic Book Publishers Reading Order Guide: Indie, Licensed and More!

Welcome to our Comic Book Publishers Reading Order Guide, a page dedicated to helping you navigate the world of comic books, full of superheroes like Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, and Iron Man but also full of zombies, vampires, mythical creatures, romances, tragedies, mysteries, space adventures, crimes and much much more!

New guides are published on a regular basis, so come to check out Comic Book Treasury regularly!

The Big Two

The Big Two refers to the two largest publishers: DC Comics and Marvel Comics. Both of them have their own pages to help you explore your favorite character’s history!

  • Marvel Reading Order Guide, with:
    • Marvel History notes (to explore behind the scenes, history facts, and little fun tidbits)
    • Marvel Timeline, Events & Eras (a guide to specific Marvel period and other realities)
    • Marvel Characters & Team Guides (with The Spider-Universe, The X-Men Universe, All Marvel Teams/Family, Marvel Solo Characters)
  • DC Comics Reading Order Guide, with:
    • DC Comics History notes
    • DC Comics Events, Crisis & Eras
    • DC Characters (with The Bat-Family, The Superman Family, Green Lanterns, The Magical Side of DC, Other Characters, Groups & Teams)
    • Alternate Realities, Elseworlds, and more!
    • Vertigo Imprint & Other Imprints

Star Wars

Since Walt Disney acquired the Star Wars franchise, most Star Wars Comics are released by Marvel Comics. But Star Wars is big enough to have its own section, from the Expanded Universe to the new canon, with events and character spotlight!

Star Wars Characters Reading Guide

Stake Buffy Reading Order

The Buffyverse

Other Publishers and Universes

If you’re searching for Sandman and other Vertigo series, those reading guides are listed on the DC Comics page.

Powers Rangers Comics Reading Order (Icon)

Boom Studios

Hellboy Reading Order Icon

Dark Horse

Discover Dark Horse Comics with our selection of their 15 Must-Read Comics.

Army of Darkness / Evil Dead Chainsaw Icon Reading Order

Dynamite Entertainment

The Adventures of Tintin Reading Order

European Comics


Transformers IDW Reading Order Icon


Spawn Logo - Spawn Reading Order

Image Comics



Rick and Morty Comics Reading Order Icon