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The Goon Reading Order

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The Goon Reading Order

Published since 1998, The Goon is a famous horror comedy indie comics series written and illustrated by Eric Powell, first published by Avatar Press, then by Powell’s own Albatross Funnybooks, then by Dark Horse Comics, and now again by Albatross Funnybooks. It was a journey! But a great, funny, dark, and violent one. Goon is not a nice guy, but he is not a bad one either.

When we met The Goon, he is the enforcer for the gangster known as Labrazio. He runs his operation, collecting money and offing deadbeats, and basically being just violent with the help of his best friend/wise-cracking sidekick, Franky. In Lonely Street, The Goon and Franky must now deal with zombies raised from the dead by a Zombie Priest and more craziness.

The Goon Reading Order

Dark Horse Comics published The Goon in TPBs and Library editions, but as Albatross Funnybooks reprinted all of the first series, and published the new one, I put first the most recent editions. In the second half of the guide, I listed the old editions.

The Goon (Albatross Funybooks)

The Fist Series

Those books are collecting the old Dark Horse volumes. For more details, see the DH section below.

The Second Series

In time to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the book, Goon & Franky return from strange adventures abroad to find a horde of unsavory characters have filled the void left in his absence from Lonely Street.

The Goon Vol. 1 A Ragged Return to Lonely Street - The Goon Reading Order

The Goon Reading Order Dark Horse Comics

The Goon (Dark Horse Comics)

The Old collection, getting harder and harder to find.

I. Trade Paperback Collections

The Goon Chinatown and the Mystery of Mr. Wicker - The Goon Reading Order

Dwight T. Albatross’s The Goon Noir - The Goon Reading Order

II. Library Editions

This is the deluxe hardcover edition of The Goon.

  • The Goon Library Volume 1
    Collects ‘Rough Stuff’, ‘Nothin’ But Misery’, ‘My Murderous Childhood (and Other Grievous Yarns)’ & ‘Heaps of Ruination’
  • The Goon Library Volume 2
    Collects ‘Virtue and the Grim Consequences Thereof’, ‘Wicked Inclinations’ & ‘Chinatown and the Mystery of Mr. Wicker’
  • The Goon Library Volume 3
    Collects ‘A Place of Heartache and Grief’, ‘Those That is Damned’ & ‘Calamity of Conscience’
  • The Goon Library Volume 4
    Collects ‘Death’s Greedy Comeuppance’, ‘The Deformed of Body and Devious of Mind’ & ‘Them That Raised Us Lament’
  • The Goon Library Volume 5
    Collects ‘For Want of Whiskey and Blood’, ‘Occasion of Revenge’, ‘Once Upon a Hard Time’ & ‘The Goon Noir’

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