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Daredevil Reading Order: How to read Matt Murdock’s Epic comic book story?

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Daredevil/Matt Murdock Reading Order

Created by writer-editor Stan Lee and artist Bill Everett, with character design input from Jack Kirby, Daredevil is a Marvel classic case of a superhero burdened by his superpowers. Matt Murdock was blinded by a radioactive substance that fell from an out-of-control truck after he pushed a man out of the path of the oncoming vehicle. While he no longer could see, his exposure to the radioactive material heightened his remaining senses beyond normal human ability, and gave him a “radar sense.”

A lawyer by day, Matt took up a dual life of fighting against the criminal underworld in New York City, as the masked vigilante Daredevil – also known as The Man Without Fear and The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. Matt uses his physical abilities and superhuman senses to help people and protect his communities against villains like the Kingpin or Bullseye.

Where to start reading Daredevil aka Matt Murdock? The Recommended Reading List

Daredevil made his first appearance in April 1964. There are more than 50 years of history to discover. For newcomers, here is essential reading for Daredevil:

Daredevil Origin Stories

Want to know the basics for Daredevil? You can read those origin stories:

  • Daredevil: The Man Without Fear – by Frank Miller and John Romita Jr. Matt Murdock’s life is changed dramatically after he is blinded by radioactive material while saving the life of an old man and developing super-senses.
  • Yellow – by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. Prizefighter Battlin’ Jack Murdock’s murder set in motion a chain of events that exploded with a new superhero swinging out of New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen: the blind acrobat Daredevil!
  • Daredevil: Season One – by Antony Johnston and Wellington Alves. Meet Matt Murdock, one of New York’s finest attorneys by day and swashbuckling crime-fighter Daredevil by night! He faces off against the Owl, Purple Man, and Mr. Fear for the first time…but it’s not what you remember.

Every Daredevil Omnibus

The omnibus line is a popular line of oversized hardcover collecting different periods/runs and containing between 700-1200 pages. For those who collects DD in this format, here’s a list of Every Daredevil Omnibus released so far (also indicated in the reading order below)

Coming Soon:

Silver Age Daredevil Reading Order (1964 – 1979)

From Issue #1 to #157. This period of Daredevil is not collected in its entirety, and not in the same collection.

In The Epic Collection:

In Omnibus form:

In Essential Daredevil Collection:

In the Marvel Masterworks collection:

Daredevil Reading Order

Daredevil by Frank Miller Reading Order (1979-1986)

Frank Miller redefined The Man Without Fear in the most important run in Daredevil history (from issue #158 to issue #235), introducing Elektra (see her reading order) and putting Kingpin as the greatest DD’s villain.

Where are Daredevil #192-218 and #220-225?
Some (but not all) issues have been collected in Daredevil: Love’s Labors Lost.

  • Daredevil By Frank Miller Omnibus Companion
    Collects Spectacular Spider-Man (1976) #27-28, Daredevil (1964) #219 And #226-233, Daredevil: The Man Without Fear #1-5 and Marvel Graphic Novel: Daredevil – Love And War.

Also collected in:

Also collected in Marvel Masterworks:

Daredevil Reading Order

Daredevil by Ann Nocenti Reading Order (1986-1991)

Following Miller’s run, Ann Nocenti became the series’s longest-running regular writer, with a four-and-a-quarter-year run from #236–291.

Daredevil Reading Order

Daredevil in the 90s (1991-1998)

Certainly not a period that makes people talk, with a number of writers taking a stab at Daredevil: D. G. Chichester, Gregory Wright, Alan Smithee, J.M. DeMatteis, Karl Kesel, Scott Lobdell, and Joe Kelly. The first part of Chichester’s run is not yet collected on a Daredevil collection.

The first issues of this period are collected in Daredevil Epic Collection: Last Rites. See below, under Ann Nocenti’s run.

For the lover of Daredevil/Spidey friendship, you can read Greatest Spider-Man and Daredevil Team-Ups, which covers team-up from 1964 to 1994.

Daredevil Reading Order

Daredevil Rebooted (1998-2001)

In 1998, Marvel decided to reboot Daredevil, under the Marvel Knights imprint, with a first story arc written by filmmaker Kevin Smith and penciled by Joe Quesada. The rest is history.

Also collected in an omnibus is Joe Quesada’s work on Daredevil:

Before a new run, Daredevil makes multiple appearances:

Daredevil Reading Order

Daredevil By Michael Brian Bendis Reading Order (2001-2006)

Now a big name in the industry, Bendis got his big break on Daredevil, where he created a character-defining run for The Man Without Fear, with David Mack and Alex Maleev’s help.

Starting in 2024, Collected in the new Modern Era Epic Collection:

Also collected in Classic trade paperbacks:

Where are Daredevil #20-25?
Those issues were written by Bob Gale and are collected in Marvel Knights Daredevil: Unusual Suspects.

Also collected in the Ultimate Collection:

Also collected in Omnibus:

Daredevil Reading Order

Daredevil by Ed Brubaker Reading Order (2006-2009)

In late 2004 Brubaker, no longer exclusive to DC, began to work for their main competitor Marvel Comics. It gave us his famous run on Captain America, but also his take on Daredevil, exploring the ramifications of events closing Bendis’s run.

Civil War Daredevil Reading OrderThe event Civil War takes more or less place simultaneously/after “The Devil Takes A Ride” arc (DD #89-93). It helps understand why there are two Daredevils.

Also collected in the Ultimate Collection:

Also collected in Omnibus:

You can check Daredevil: Noir, a story that takes place in the Noir Universe, an alternate reality where the superheroes debuted in the 1920s or 1930s.

The Infamous Shadowland by Andy Diggle (2009-2011)

The less is said about Shadowland (reading order here), the better. This storyline, set during the Dark Reign era, centers on Daredevil and other street-level superheroes, with The Man Without Fear making his return to Hell’s Kitchen after becoming the leader of the Hand.

Also collected in Omnibus with all the tie-ins:

  • Daredevil Shadowland Omnibus
    Collects Dark Reign: The List – Daredevil 1; Daredevil (1998) #501-512; Shadowland #1-5; Shadowland: Elektra, Bullseye, Ghost Rider, Spider-Man, After The Fall; Shadowland: Moon Knight #1-3; Shadowland: Blood On The Streets #1-4; Shadowland: Daughters Of The Shadow #1-3; Shadowland: Power Man #1-4; Thunderbolts (1997) #148-149; Daredevil: Reborn #1-4.

The Daredevil Lighter Year: Mark Waid Reading Order (2011-2015)

After years of dark and sometimes depressive stories for Matt Murdock, Mark Waid’s take on the character gives us lighter stories, making Daredevil a less-burden superhero for a while, but still one worth reading.

Daredevil joins the New Avengers during Fear Itself and is a team member in the series during issues #16 to #34 (November 2011 – January 2013). His role is, in the end, quite limited and it is optional.

Daredevil Reading OrderThis is where the Marvel Now! relaunch happens, with the same creative team, but our famous character building a new life in San Francisco.

Also collected in Oversized hardcover:

Also collected in Omnibus:

All-New All-Different Marvel with Charles Soule (2015-2018)

After a detour by San Francisco, Matt Murdock is back in New York under Charles Soule for the All-New All-Different Marvel Initiative. A relaunch, a new entry point. Daredevil has a new costume, an apprentice, and is back to « edgier » stories.

You can also find Daredevil for another team-up, in Defenders Vol. 1: Diamonds Are Forever and Defenders Vol. 2: Kingpins of New York, written by Brian Michael Bendis.

Daredevil Reading OrderAlready another Marvel relaunch branded Fresh Start which saw the return of some famous classic characters like Logan. But why is he back and where is he? This storyline with its four limited series is collected in Hunt for Wolverine. Daredevil plays a role in one of them:

Also collected in Omnibus:

  • Daredevil by Charles Soule Omnibus
    Collects Daredevil (2015) #1-28, 595-612; Daredevil Annual (2016) #1; Daredevil/Punisher: Seventh Circle (2016) #1-4; material from All-New, All-Different Point One (2015) #1.

Interlude With Jed Mackay and Donny Cates

Following the Death of Daredevil, a transition phase for the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen with a miniseries, a volume celebrating the Marvel Knight imprint for its 20th anniversary, and War of Realms (Reading Order), an event that is more than optional for Daredevil readers.

Daredevil by Chip Zdarsky Reading Order (2019-2023)

A new relaunch for Daredevil in 2019 by writer Chip Zdarsky.

Venom by Donny Cates Reading Order IconThis is where the Venom crossover event King in Black takes place (see reading order). Daredevil #26-27 are tie-ins.

This part of the run is also collected in hardcover:

Daredevil Reading OrderDaredevil’s story has been building toward this event and Daredevil and other Marvel superheroes go face to face with the mayor of the biggest city in America, Wilson Fisk during Devil’s reign. To know more about it, go check out our Devil’s Reign reading order.

Chip Zdarky’s run continues with Daredevil and Elektra, with some connection with Jason Aaron’s run on The Punisher. Those ties are minimal and of no consequences for the story, but if you are a Punisher reader or are curious and want to read both stories at the same time, here is a short reading list by issue to make it possible! Don’t forget, the Punisher comics listed below are optional for DD readers, so it’s up to you!

The Reading Comics Guide by issue with the Punisher:

  • Punisher (2022) #1-5
  • Daredevil (2022) #1-4
  • Punisher (2022) #6-7
  • Daredevil (2022) #5-8
  • Punisher (2022) #8-12
  • Daredevil (2022) #9-14

Before starting the second part of Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto’s run, Daredevil is reunited with Echo to fight an ancient and powerful evil deep within the bowels of the city. From the creative team of Taboo B. Earl, and Phil Noto.

Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto’s run continues! it’s a new era for New York and the Man Without Fear! Matt Murdock has no choice but to leave behind everything he’s ever known — and Elektra is the last vestige of his former life. Everything Matt thought he knew about what it meant to be Daredevil is about to change!

The Trade Paperback Collection:

The Complete run of Chip Zdarsky will be collected in omnibus, the first one announced for July 2024 and the second one for 2025!

Daredevil by Saladin Ahmed and Aaron Kuder (2023-)

A new era of Daredevil has recently started with Saladin Ahmed and Aaron Kuder. The first trade paperback is announced for 2024, and you can read this new run issue by issue.

Looking for an Amazon alternative? You can find some Daredevil comics, a few toys and collectibles on Forbidden Planet.

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