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Grandville Reading Order (Bryan Talbot’s comics)

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Grandville Reading Order Bryan Talbot

Written and drawn by Bryan Talbot, Grandville is not a conventional series. Mixing steampunk elements in an alternative history, the story is set in a world in which France won the Napoleonic Wars and invaded Britain. Also, the world is populated mostly by anthropomorphic animals.

The story follows Detective Inspector Archibald “Archie” LeBrock of Scotland Yard (who is assisted by Detective Roderick Ratzi, a dapper, monocle-wearing rat) as he investigates a murder which leads him to visit “Grandville” (also known as Paris). Grandville is exploring modern themes and science-fiction concepts, with terrorist plots, murder mysteries, gangster drama and more. It’s also full of cultural references, from Tintin to famous paintings, and historical elements.

Grandville Reading Order:

The Graphic Novels collection:

Grandville Reading Order Bryan Talbot Volume 1

  • Grandville
    When a British diplomat is murdered to look like suicide, ferocious Detective-Inspector LeBrock of Scotland Yard stalks a ruthless murder squad through the heart of a Belle Epoque Paris.
  • Grandville Mon Amour
    Set three weeks after the finale of Grandville. Detective Inspector Archie LeBrock of Scotland Yard against Edward ‘Mad Dog’ Mastock, – a psychotic serial killer whose shocking escape from his execution by guillotine at the Tower of London.
  • Grandville Bête Noire
    The brutal murder of a famous Parisian artist is placing Detective Inspector LeBrock of Scotland Yard in pursuit of the mysterious masked assassin stalking the cut-throat commercial world of the Grandville art scene.

Grandville Bete Noir - Grandville Reading Order

  • Grandville: Nöel
    There’s no holiday for Detective Inspector LeBrock as he embarks on an investigation into the disappearance of his housekeeper’s niece, Bunty Spall.
  • Grandville: Force Majeure
    In the middle of a gang war, wanted for murder, truly alone and outside the law, Detective Inspector LeBrock is on the run from both the police and gangster assassins

The Omnibus

Grandville Integral - Grandville Reading Order

  • Grandville Integral
    Collects Grandville, Grandville Mon Amour, Grandville Noël, Grandville Bete Noire, and Grandville Force Majeure.

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