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Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Wonderland, a Comic Reading Order from the Zenescope Universe

Let’s Go Down The Rabbit Hole and return to Wonderland to discover a new version of Alice and her family in the Grimm Fairy Tales universe from Zenescope.

Taking inspiration from Lewis Carroll’s children’s book, Wonderland was the first Grimm Fairy Tales spin-off and one of the realms of this Multiverse, alongside Myst, Neverland, Oz and Earth. It’s a realm of wonder and imagination, full of gore and violence. Zenescope puts its own dark spin on it, following the adventures of the Liddle family — with Alice, Calie and Violet.

The following books take place in the Zenescope universe where you can also meet Dorothy Gale, Robyn Hood and Van Helsing, but the stories are, generally, independent (with a few connections with the Grimm Fairy Tales series with some events and a few storylines)

Zenescope’s Wonderland Reading Order:

Dream Eater Saga! This is the first Zenescope event, in which the Dream Eater has been released and walks the earth searching to destroy all of those born with supernatural abilities. Both heroes and the villains of the Grimm Fairy Tales Universe must join forces to battle an all-powerful entity that could very well prove to be the end of them all. Issue #4 is about Calie and her daughter Violet and leads into the Wonderland series.

Age of Darkness Event! The Dark Queen prepares to wage war on Earth and the four realms of power that surround it. In Wonderland, a conflict emerges when the Ebony Blade, a weapon forged by Death itself, descends on their realm. Each of the Queens of Wonderland wants to control the Blade, and in the middle, the Trickster has her own plan…

After issue #31, Violet’s story continues in Grimm Fairy Tales #101-112. This event takes place in parallel to Wonderland #32-39. She rejoins Wonderland at issue #40.

For more stories inspired by fairy tales, we heartily recommend Bill Willingham’s Fables Comic Book Series.

Last Updated on May 16, 2024.