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Revenge of the Brood Reading Order, The X-Men and Captain Marvel Crossover

Back in the Chris Claremont days, Carol Danvers and the X-Men fought alongside each other in the original Brood Saga, a famous story that ended with Carol becoming Binary, and the X-Men making sacrifices.

The Broods are back for a double-story arc, “Revenge of the Brood” and “Lord of the Brood.” Captain Marvel is joined once again by the X-Men to fight the parasitic predators known as the Brood. They plan to infect the cosmos and the heroes must stop them.

Here is how Marvel officially introduces the stories:

In “Lord of the Brood,” the X-Men get a distress call from deep space and find that the galaxy’s Brood problem is not as solved as they’d thought! When the X-Men’s close friend Broo became the Brood King, he gained the ability to control the savage alien race he was both a part of and so different from. Now he is experiencing his own nightmare scenario—the Brood are killing his friends, and there is nothing he can do to stop it! Rogue Brood factions have begun running wild, and it’s up to the X-Men to get to the bottom of why!

In “Revenge of the Brood,” Carol Danvers is on an X-press elevator to her own personal hell! And the Brood Empress is determined to ensure the Captain and all of her friends make it to their destination. Rescuing their team and getting out alive has always been the goal, but the odds are more deeply stacked against her team than Carol can even imagine. Overwhelmed and trapped in the Brood’s backyard, Captain Marvel and her team are forced to sacrifice one of their own. But the Brood let Carol through their clutches once before, and in so doing, created one of their worst enemies. They won’t make that mistake again. 

This Captain Marvel/X-Men epic cosmic story is coming from Kelly Thompson, writer of Captain Marvel, with art by Juan Frigeri, and Gerry Duggan, writer of X-Men, with art by Stefano Caselli.

What to read before Revenge of the Brood/Lord of the Brood

As I said in the introduction, if you want some historical background, check out the original Brood Saga.

Revenge of the Brood Reading Order

Revenge of the Brood Reading Order: Collected Editions

Revenge of the Brood Reading Order: Issue by Issue

Thanks to Yuankun for the heads up on this one, and for his guide. As always, this list will be updated if necessary as the event progresses.

  • X-Men #18
  • Captain Marvel #43–45
  • X-Men #19
  • Captain Marvel #46
  • X-Men #20
  • Captain Marvel #47
  • X-Men #21
  • Captain Marvel #48–49

After Revenge of the Brood/Lord of the Brood

Too soon to tell. Comeback later!