Batwoman (Kate Kane) Reading Order

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Batwoman Reading Order (Kate Kane)

Once upon a time, during the early Silver Age, there was the Original Batowman, Kathy Kane, a female counterpart to Batman with her side-kick Bat-Girl and romantically interested in Batman.

In modern times, the new Batwoman — the one we are interested in today — is Katherine Rebecca “Kate” Kane, a wealthy heiress lesbian and a cousin of Bruce Wayne. Inspired by the superhero Batman, she decides to fight crime as a masked vigilante in her home of Gotham City as Batwoman.

Renee Montoya and Batwoman (2006-2008)

Before living her own adventures, Kate Kane aka Batwoman is introduced  in 52, an weekly anthology series telling the a real-time, year-long tale of heroes surviving in the wake of Infinite Crisis, when DC’s trinity of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman were nowhere to be found. She is then mostly a supporting character in Renee Montoya’s story. A fact to keep in memory where reading the following stories, where Kate can have a limited presence.

This is where Final Crisis (see complete Reading Order), a crossover event published by DC Comics in 2008 coming from Grant Morrison, takes place. Following are the collected edition where Batwoman appears.

Batwoman Reading Order

The Greg Rucka period (2009-2010)

After three years living in Renee Montoya’s shadow, Kate Kane gets a more prominent role in a year of Detective Comics.

Batwoman Reading OrderThis era and a big part of the New 52 era are now collected in one Big omnibus:

  • Batwoman Omnibus
    Collects Detective Comics #854-863, Batwoman #0 (New 52), Batwoman #0-24, and Batwoman Annual #1.

Batwoman during New 52

We enter New 52 territory and Batwoman is the star of her own series where she faces deadly new challenges in her war against Gotham City’s underworld–and new trials in her personal life.

Batwoman Reading Order

Batwoman in DC Rebirth

Following Flashpoint (go to the full Reading order), we’re leaving New 52 behind for Rebirth and Batwoman is a big part of Detective Comis relaunch by James Tynion. She will also have her own title.

For the end of Rebirth, Batwoman is not attached to any particular title and make some guest-starring appearances in multiple titles during the City of Bane, Year of The Villain and more.

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