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Hyperion Reading Order, the multiple versions of Marvel’s Own Superman

Superman is one of the most iconic superheroes and many pastiches of the character have been created since his first appearance in 1938. Several Marvel Comics characters were clearly inspired by Superman, including Sentry and Gladiator. Created before them is the subject of today: Hyperion!

Created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Sal Buscema, Hyperion made his first appearance in The Avengers #69 (October 1969), with Thomas having said that he was intended as a pastiche of DC’s Superman. In case of doubt about it, there were various obvious similitudes between the two characters beyond powers, such as his aliases. Hypersion’s civilian name is “Zhib-Rhan”, a reference to Superman’s Kryptonian moniker “Kal-El” via the Lebanese author Kahlil Gibran. He also used the alias “Mr. Kant”, similar to “Clark Kent.”

No doubt about it, Hyperion is one of the mightiest super-character in the Marvel Multiverse. Multiverse as there are many versions of the character across the various parallel realities. A second Hyperion was in fact introduced less than two years later, in The Avengers #85 (February 1971), this one named Mark Milton from Earth 712.

The character will be reimagined several times, often associated with the super-team Squadron Supreme, but also as a member of Thunderbolts and the Avengers at some point.

Let’s dive into more comics to discover the different versions of Hyperion with this reading order!

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Hyperion Comics Reading Order

The following list is not an exhaustive list of all the Hyperion characters who appeared at some point or another in a Marvel story. This reading guide is focused on the most important versions of Hyperion!

Also, as several versions of Hyperion are introduced in Avengers, we invite you to check out our Complete Avengers Guide for more stories with the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes from Marvel Comics!

The Original Hyperion, Zhib-Ran (Earth-616)

The original Hyperion was introduced in Avengers #69, as a member of the super-villain team Squadron Sinister created by the villain Elder Grandmaster (making also his debut in that issue). Following this first confrontation in the pages of Avengers, the character (and the Squadron Sinister) will reappear a few years later in Defenders, then battle against Thor, meet the Squadron Supreme Hyperion, and become a member of the Legion of the Unliving.

As said above, another version of Hyperion was introduced not long after, as Mark Milton from Earth-712, a member of the Squadron Supreme. The most important part of the character’s story is collected in Squadron Supreme Classic Omnibus and we invite you to take a peak as the two characters will meet in Thor #280 and their stories will be entangled for a few issues. Of course, stop before Squadron Supreme #7 if you haven’t read the following issues:

After having met Hyperion from Earth-712, Zhib-Rhan finds himself working with Master Menace and involved in a few Squadron Supreme issues. Read the series if you haven’t yet!

Mark Milton, Hyperion (Earth-712)

A year and a half after the introduction of Hyperion, Roy Thomas and John Buscema created an alternate and heroic version of Hyperion. Our new Hyperion is named Mark Milton, a founding member of The Squadron Supreme and the last known Eternal left on his Earth. The team – and Hyperion – is introduced when four Avengers accidentally arrive on Earth-712.

For this version of Hyperion, Marvel makes it easier with an Omnibus dedicated to the classic Squadron Supreme team, collecting the most important issues to follow their stories (and Hyperion).

  • Squadron Supreme Classic Omnibus
    Collects Avengers (1963) #69-70, #85-86, #141-144 And #147-149; Thor (1966) #280; Defenders (1972) #112-114; Squadron Supreme (1985) #1-12; Captain America (1968) #314; Squadron Supreme: Death Of A Universe; Quasar #13-16 And #51-52; Avengers (1998) #5-6; Avengers/Squadron Supreme Annual ’98; Squadron Supreme: New World Order; Exiles (2001) #77-78 And Ultimate Power #7-9.

After this omnibus (or Ultimate Power), this version of Hyperion is offered a conclusion in Squadron Supreme (Vol. 4) #9, collected in Squadron Supreme Vol. 2: Civil War II.

Mark Milton, Herald of X-51 (Earth-1121)

This version of Hyperion was created in 2001 by Jim Krueger, Alex Ross, Steve Pugh for Paradise X, the last part of the Earth X trilogy. This story is collected in its integrity in:

  • Earth X Trilogy Omnibus: Omega
    Collects Paradise X: Heralds 1-3; Paradise X 0-12, Xen, Devils, A, X, Special Edition; Paradise X: Ragnarok 1-2; Nighthawk (1998) 1-3. Previously collected in:

Mark Milton, the alien Hyperion from The Max Imprint (Earth-31916)

Hyperion is reimagined again in 2003 by J. Michael Straczynski and Gary Frank for the Max Imprint title Supreme Power. This version is an alien who arrived on Earth in a spacecraft that was quickly seized by the government who then raised him in order to control him.

Time Runs Out, even for the Squadron Supreme as you’ll find the end of the team in New Avengers (Vol. 3) #24 a story close to the end to Hickman’s run on the Avengers, collected in Avengers by Jonathan Hickman: The Complete Collection Vol. 5

Mark Milton, King Hyperion (Earth-4023)

Created by Chuck Austen and Jim Calafiore, King Hyperion made his debut in Exiles #38 (December 2003) as he became the newest teammate who refused to follow the team’s directives.

Marcus Milton, Avengers (Earth-13034)

Hyperion, a member of the Avengers? This is what happened during Jonathan Hickman’s run on the Marvel superhero team who created this new version in 2012 with artist Jerome Opeña. While trying to prevent the destruction of his world, Hyperion from Earth-13034 was displaced and pulled to Earth-6161 where he was offered a place on the Avengers after a certain time in captivity.

From a story-wise point of view, it is advised to read the complete run, collected in two omnibuses, even if Hyperion is mostly present in the flagship title Avengers, but also makes appearances in other titles (including New Avengers, especially towards the end.) Following is a listing more centered on the character:

Hickman’s run concluded with the 2015 Secret Wars event in which the Marvel Universe was destroyed and rebooted. During this particular event, Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribić introduced another Hyperion, from Earth-21195 in Secret Wars #2, which was featured in Squadron Sinister:

Once the Secret Wars were over, an All-New All-Different Marvel was born. In this new era, Hyperion joined the new Squadron Supreme, a team comprised of survivors of different Earths, in a title written by James Robinson.

Where is Marcus Milton now? This is a mystery for the moment, as Marvel opted to create yet another version of the character!

Hyperion, Government Agent (Earth-616)

 The creative team of Jason Aaron and Ed McGuiness created another Hyperion who made his first appearance in Avengers (Vol. 8) #10, in November 2018. As part of the Squadron Supreme of America, Hyperion and his teammates, were sent to meet General Ross to serve as the United States’ answer to the now-unaligned Avengers.

This is where happens Heroes Reborn 2021, where another Hyperion is introduced (see below!). We invite you to check out this event as the next time we see this Hyperion is in the concluding issue of this particular event:

Marcus Milton, Heroes Reborn (Earth-21798)

The Marvel Universe was altered so that the Avengers were never formed. So who is the biggest superhero team of this altered Marvel Universe? The Squadron Supreme of America! This Marvel event gave us another Hyperion, also created by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness.

Go to the full Heroes Reborn 2021 reading order for an issue-by-issue order!

Did we forget an important Hyperion or an important issue? Did we make a mistake? Let us know in the comments!


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