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Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan Reading Order (with the Champions!)


When Carol Danvers got her promotion (see Carol Danvers reading order to learn more about that) and officially became known as Captain Marvel in 2014, a place opened up for a new Mrs. Marvel. That’s when Kamala Khan became a Marvel superhero.

Kamala Khan is a teenager, Pakistani-American, Muslim, and Inhuman with shapeshifting abilities (mostly elongation, shrinking…) from Jersey City. After discovering her power, she assumes the mantle of Ms. Marvel because Carol Danvers was her idol. Of course, she had to learn how to be a superhero, but she quickly joined famous teams such as the Avengers, the Champions, Secret Warriors, and more (she’s quite popular).

She rapidly got her own series and took part in major Marvel events. She’s young, but there’s already a lot to read. Also, even if she’s still a fairly new character, Kamala has already been killed and resurrected, coming back to life with a new perspective on the origins of her powers (she’s a mutant now!).

Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan Comics Reading Order:

I. Kamala Khan: The New Ms. Marvel 

This first era of Kamala Khan/Mrs. Marvel comics has already been published in multiple formats: Omnibus, Paperbacks, Hardcover, and Graphic Novel TPB. What follows is a guide following the different editions.

This run of Kamala Khan stories was published as volumes 3 and 4 of the Mrs. Marvel series. The omnibus, hardcover, and GN editions focus on that. To have a complete reading order, including Kamala’s teamwork, go to the paperback section.

Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan Omnibus Collection

Everything started with the first Ms. Marvel series starring Kamala Khan written by G. Willow Wilson with art by Adrian Alphona.

  • Ms. Marvel Omnibus Volume 1
    Collects Ms. Marvel vol. 3 #1–19, Annual 1, The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 3 #7–8, S.H.I.E.L.D. #2 and material from All-New Marvel Now! Point One.

Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan: Hardcover Collection

Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan: Graphic Novel Trade Paperback

Ms. Marvel: The Paperbacks

This is when the event Secret Wars from 2015 takes place (full reading order here). In fact, Kamala Khan tied into the crossover event with the “Last Days” storyline. It’s an optional read in this particular case. All you need to know is that the Marvel World is rebooted.

Another event. In Civil War II (full reading order here), as an Avenger, Kamala Khan is playing a part in the story. This time, it’s Iron Man Team vs Captain Marvel Team.

After Civil War II, there was a change in the Avengers line-up. The young heroes like Kamala Kahn and Miles Morales decide to take their distances and to form their own team, the Champions.

Another event!!! This time it’s Secret Empire (see full reading order) in which Captain America is not what he seems and Hydra takes control of the Marvel Universe. The ten+ issues of the main event are collected in Secret Empire. During this event, Mrs. Marvel joined the Secret Warriors:

The time has come for the War of Realms (read the full reading order). Mrs. Marvel took part in the fight with the champions. There are two tie-ins collected in the next TPB. In fact, the series was relaunched prior to this event. That said, reading this event is optional here.

II. The Magnificent Ms. Marvel

It’s time for a relaunch of the Mrs. Marvel series. G. Willow Wilson was writing the series since the first issue and wanted to stop. Saladin Ahmed takes over Kamala’s adventures in a series called The Magnificent Ms. Marvel. Kamala Kahn is also the main headliner of a new Team-Up series.

The Magnificent Ms. Marvel Omnibus Collection

The Magnificent Ms. Marvel: The Paperbacks

Outlawed! Superheroes under the age of 21 became outlaws in a new cross-over storyline with the Champions, The Magnificent Ms. Marvel, Miles Morales and Power Pack. COVID-19 delayed the event, but Outlawed came out in the end (and you can read our full reading order).

King in Black! Mrs. Marvel appeared in the King in Black event, but mostly as a background character, except in Miles Morales’ tie-in. All of this is optional, but you can learn more about the event with our reading order.

The Magnificent Ms. Marvel concluded its run with issue #18 (the 75th issue of Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel comics). But the young heroes came back to help the previous Mrs. Marvel, Carol Danvers, in The Last of the Marvels storyline:

Then, she got a lot of Mrs. Marvels to deal with (doppelgangers!) in the 5-issue miniseries by Samira Ahmed with art by Andrés Genolet:

Dark Web! New York is under attack in this Spider-Man/X-Men crossover in which Mrs. Marvel has to fight to help protect her city. She’s not a main character except in the two-issue tie-in Dark Web: Ms. Marvel miniseries, but you can learn more about the event with our reading order.

Mrs. Marvel: The New Mutant

Killed in Amazing Spider-Man #26, Kamala Khan was destined to come back as a mutant. She entered the Krakoa era at the end with the Fall of X storyline. As a result, Ms. Marvel appears in the main X-Men book, but also in Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant written by Sabir Pirzada and Iman Vellani, the actress playing Kamala in the MCU.

Gang War! New York is under attack, again! Spider-Man and the other local heroes are trying to stop the gangs from destroying the city. It’s time for Ms. Marvel to team up with Miles Morales once more. Learn more about the event with our reading order.

Last Updated on April 9, 2024.