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Spider-Man Dark Web Reading Order, a Marvel crossover featuring Spider-Man and the X-Men

Barely one month after the A.X.E.: Judgment Day event, the X-Men are caught in a new crossover. However, this one also revolves around Spider-Man. Written by Zeb Wells and drawn by artist Adam Kubert, Dark Web is about clones. Here is the official synopsis:

“The worlds of Spider-Man and the X-Men collide, thanks to the unholy alliance of Madelyne Pryor, AKA the Goblin Queen, and Ben Reilly, now known as Chasm! The two most famous and famously wronged clones are back…and they’re going to claim what’s rightfully theirs! The Dark Web they spin over Manhattan is going to change the NYC skyline forever!”

So, the Dark Web event involves Spider-Man and the X-Men, but also Mary Jane Watson, Black Cat (Felicia Hardy), Venom (Eddie Brock), Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), and Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly).

What to Read Before Spider-Man Dark Web?

If you have missed Amazing Spider-Man Beyond (see reading order), you may need to take a look at it in order to discover what happened to Ben Reilly (also for the first Mary-Jane/Black Cat team-up!).

  • Amazing Spider-Man: Beyond Omnibus
    Collects Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #75-93, 78.BEY, 80. BEY, 88. BEY, 92. BEY, 74 (Ben Reilly Story); Free Comic Book Day 2021: Spider-Man/Venom #1 (Spider-Man Story); Mary Jane & Black Cat: Beyond (2022) #1.

As for Madelyne Pryor, it’s in the recent Hellions book by Zeb Wells that she made her recent comeback, then in the New Mutants:

Dark Web X-Men #1

Of course, Dark Web being a Spider-Man event, you may want to familiarize yourself with the beginning of the actual run written by Zeb Wells:

And for Venom, who apparently also plays a notable role in this Dark Web event, it’s Ram V and Al Ewing who recently took over the book. Here are the last books:

Spider-Man Dark Web Reading Order: Collected Editions

  • Dark Web
    Collects Dark Web #1, Amazing Spider-Man (2022) #15-18, Venom (2021) #14-15, Dark Web: X-Men #1-3, Dark Web: Ms. Marvel #1-2 and Dark Web Finale #1.

Some of those issues are also available in:

You can also find the other tie-ins in:

Dark Web #1

Spider-Man Dark Web Reading Order: Issue by Issue

This is a temporary reading order based on what was announced by Marvel (aka the publication order). This list below will be updated as the event progresses. Leave a comment on this article if you have suggestions to make the reading order better, thanks.

After Spider-Man Dark Web

Too soon to say, came back later for an update!

Last Updated on June 22, 2023.