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Amadeus Cho Reading Order, from sidekick to Totally Awesome Hulk and Brawn

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Amadeus Cho is a 19-year-old Korean-American genius, one of the smartest people on earth. Actually, he was credited as the 7th smartest person in the world, a title he obtained after winning the Excello Soap Company’s “Brain Soap” competition (he’s maybe only the 8th or 10th smartest person in the world, but who’s counting?). It’s also where his story begins, as the game’s creator tries to kill Cho to preserve his ranking. His attempt failed but Cho’s parents were killed, and our young man had to flee for his life.

It didn’t take long for him to run across The Hulk who saved his life. As a result, Amadeus became his sidekick, a sort of modern-day Rick Jones before moving on to Hercules. But Amadeus Cho was too smart and too cocky to stay in this sidekick role and was destined to become a hero in his own right. Cho became the Totally Awesome Hulk but lost control at some point. He was somehow depowered when he finally succeeded in destroying the rage monster inside him. Amadeus chose to be called Brawn in this new form. He has also been a member of two superhero teams: The Champions and Agents of Atlas.

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Amadeus Cho, the Complete Comics Reading Order

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Introducing Amadeus Cho

Created by Greg Pak and Takeshi Miyazawa, Amadeus Cho made his first appearance in Amazing Fantasy (2004) #15 published by Marvel Comics, before befriending Hulk and Hercules (see reading order) to live some fun adventures with them.

Dark Reign: Amadeus Cho, member of the Mighty Avengers

In the aftermath of Secret Invasion, Norman Osborn came out as a hero and rise to national power. This led us to Dark Reign, a period in the Marvel Universe where the former Green Goblin was in control. Amadeus Cho and Hercules joined Dan Slott’s Mighty Avengers after Incredible Hercules (2007) #125.

Incredible Hercules and Amadeus Cho in The Heroic Age

The Dark Reign era concluded and was replaced by The Heroic Age, a time that was supposed to go back to more straightforward stories for Marvel’s heroes. It’s a little more complicated than that for Cho and Herc, as the Olympian was left for dead not long after (and his title was canceled). Amadeus Cho had to figure out how to return him to life, while also being reunited with Bruce Banner for some Hulk action.

Chaos War marks the end of the Herc/Cho partnership, with both characters going their own way after that. Shortly after, Cho teamed up with the Hulk and Red She-Hulk.

And soon enough, the Marvel Universe was affected by another event: Fear Itself. Amadeus Cho does not appear in the main title, he is present in the last three issues of the tie-in series Fear Itself: The Home Front.

Amadeus Cho lost in Savage Land during Marvel Now!

Amadeus Cho was clearly put on the side during the Marvel Now initiative. He only appeared in the pages of Savage Wolverine and is seen as a member of the Illuminati in Avengers vol. 5 #35 (as part of the Time Runs Out storyline).

Amadeus Cho is Totally Awesome Hulk and member of the Champions

New entry point! Before the launch of Totally Awesome Hulk, Marvel released a trade paperback introducing Amadeus Cho to readers unfamiliar with the character, with a selection of past issues. This is a perfect new entry point for new readers to discover Amadeus Cho!

Amadeus becomes the Hulk and he’s convinced he’s gonna be the best Hulk ever — and just possibly brings the entire world crashing down into chaos. Following Civil War II, he’s also recruited to become a member of the Champions, a team of teenagers working to “put the world back together“.

The Totally Awesome Hulk Big Apple - Amadeus Cho Reading Order

Amadeus Cho’s time as Totally Awesome Hulk comes to an end with Bruce Banner coming back full time as the Immortal Hulk. Amadeus Cho is still a member of The Champions, where he takes his new alias, Brawn.

Amadeus Cho, member of the New Agents of Atlas

Remember The Protectors? They kind of make their comeback during The War of Realms (got to the full Reading Order). More specifically, the same characters teamed up in Asia and formed The New Agents of Atlas.

Since Amadeus quit the Agents of Atlas, the character has made a few appearances here and there, in Champions, Immortal Hulk or Marvel’s Voices: Identity (2021) #1, but he’s not part of any series anymore. We can only hope that will change soon!

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Last Updated on September 28, 2023.

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