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Titans Beast World Reading Order, a Titans crossover for the Dawn of DC era

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Following the events of Dark Crisis, the Justice League decided to disband and let the younger superhero take care of the world instead. So, Titans became the world’s premier superhero team, with their new Titans Tower based in Bludhaven. As the new number-one team, it was only a matter of time before they found themselves embroiled in an event!

The World is naturally in peril and it seems that the only superhero who can save it is… Beast Boy?! At least, this is what DC teases in their official synopsis: “Clawing its way out of the pages of Titans comes an unprecedented threat to the DC Universe. Superman, Wonder Woman, Starfire—all are powerless to stop the Necrostar from ending all life on Earth. The only hero who can save the world is…Beast Boy?! With Nightwing, Raven, Cyborg, and the Titans beside him, can Garfield Logan rise to battle an ancient evil? What will Amanda Waller do to take advantage of the situation as millions of people are changed into rampaging creatures? Can humanity survive all-powerful heroes and villains transformed into ferocious beasts? Friends will fall. Heroes will rise. And nothing will ever be the same again. Earth is about to become…Beast World.”

Starting in October, this event is brought to you by the creative team of writer Tom Taylor and artist Ivan Reis.

What to read before Titans: Beast World?

Titans, go! Recently, the Titans are the new team in charge of protecting the Earth… So why not read those recent issues establishing the team in this new role?

  • Nightwing #100, collected in Nightwing Vol. 4: The Leap
    In this issue, Nightwing is offered the position of leader of new guardians of the world.
  • Nightwing #101-104, will be collected in Nightwing Vol. 5 (optional)
    Nightwing and the new Titans are working together to help a young girl.

Now that the team has been established as the new world’s premier superhero team, they have their own title, from Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott:

If you want to read more stories with the Titans, we invite you to check out our reading order guide dedicated to the team!

Titans: Beast World Reading Order

Titans: Beast World, Collected Editions

The trade paperbacks will be released in the second part of 2024. So there is not a lot of info right now and this part will be updated later!

Titans: Beast World, Issue by Issue

Following is a listing for Titans: Beast World. This order does not follow exactly the released order ar some changes have been made to offer a better reading experience.

  • Titans: Beast World: Evolution
  • Titans: Beast World #1
  • Titans: Beast World: Waller Rising
  • Titans: Beast World #2
  • Titans: Beast World Tour: Metropolis
  • Action Comics #1060 – The story “Squad Dreams” concludes Nia’s part in Beast World.
  • Titans: Beast World Tour: Gotham
  • Nightwing #109 –  The story “Beast World: Prologue” features Damian in Gotham and concludes in Nightwing #110.
  • Titans: Beast World #3
  • Titans: Beast World Tour: Atlantis
  • Titans #6
  • Titans: Beast World Tour: Central City
  • Titans #7
  • Titans: Beast World #4
  • Nightwing #110
  • Titans: Beast World Tour: Star City
  • Titans: Beast World #5
  • Titans: Beast World #6

What to read after Titans: Beast World

  • To see the aftermath for the Titans, continue to read their adventures, starting with Titans (Volume 4) #8.
  • Amanda Waller Recruits a New Task Force X with Dreamer at the center of the team in Suicide Squad: Dream Team, a new ongoing series written by Nicole Maines, with art by Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira. The first issue arrives on Tuesday, March 12, 2024.     

Last Updated on March 7, 2024.

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