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X-Men Reading Order: The Modern Era (2001-2007) – Part. 3: From the Grant Morrison era to House of M

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This is Part #3 of our tentative to compile a comprehensive X-Men Reading Order using the collected editions – You can find the first part here (The Silver Age & Chris Claremont, 1963-91) and the second part here (Age of Apocalypse & Onslaught, 1991-2001). Welcome to the Marvel Modern Era.

After the chaotic ’90s, Chris Claremont came back to put the X-Titles in order. He didn’t stay long on the main series but started to write a new spin-off, X-Treme X-Men. As for X-Men, it was renamed New X-Men and Grant Morrison took over.

He revamped almost everything and introduced new concepts, new villains, and new disasters. It’s known as the Morrison Era for a good reason, his work on New X-Men is massive and important for the future of the mutants. During that time, Chuck Austen wrote Uncanny X-Men, but it was not as successful. During that era, spin-offs were limited, but there were a number of short-lived solo series and other miniseries.

After that came X-Men ReLoad, or when Marvel decided (again) to revamp the X-Men titles with new looks for the characters and fresh plot points. More on that later.

This is a massive reading guide, so here is a menu to help you navigate. Some parts are under construction for now. I’ll keep updating this article regularly.


The reading guide is a work in progress. It’s a major project, it will take time to complete.

  1. X-Men: The Silver Age Reading Order (1963-70)
  2. The Chris Claremont X-Men Reading Order (1975-1991)
  3. ’90s X-Men Reading Order (1991-2001)
  4. The Modern Era Reading Order (2001-2004)
  5. X-Men ReLoad Reading Order (2004-2007)
  6. Messiah trilogy, Dark Reign, Schism, Avengers Vs X-Men Reading Order (2007–2012)
  7. X-Men: Marvel NOW Reading Order (2012-2015)
  8. All-New, All-Different Marvel X-Men Reading Order (2015-2017)
  9. ResurrXion Era Reading Order (2017-2020)
  10. The X-Men of Krakoa Reading Order: Dawn of X/Reign of X (2020-2021)
  11. The X-Men of Krakoa Reading Order: Destiny of X (2022-)

X-Men Reading Order: The Modern Era (2001-2004)

The first new series of this era, X-Treme X-Men were written by Chris Claremont and featured a globetrotting X-Men team led by Storm. The series is now collected in X-Treme X-Men by Chris Claremont Omnibus Vol. 1.

Exiles is an out-of-continuity series, taking place after Age of Apocalypse. The Exiles consists of characters from different universes, or realities, which have been removed from time and space in order to correct problems in various alternate worlds and divergent timelines in the Marvel Multiverse.

X-Statix is a team of mutant superheroes created by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred. They originally assumed the moniker X-Force, but changed it to X-Statix as they distanced themselves from the old team. In fact, it’s a satirical comic, not really connected to the rest.

Wolverine: Origin – The Complete Collection
Collects Wolverine: Origin 1 – 6, Origin II 1 – 5. As the title suggests it, it’s the origin story of Wolverine, going back to late-19th-century Canada.

Also in New X-Men by Grant Morrison Omnibus
Collects New X-Men Vol. 1 #114-154, Annual 2001.

X-Men ReLoad Reading Order (2004-2007)

In May 2004, Marvel decided to revamp the X-Men titles with new looks for the characters and fresh plot points. It was called “X-Men ReLoad.” Morrison went away, Chris Claremont went back to writing Uncanny X-Men, as Chuck Austen took over New X-Men (which was now retitled X-Men). New titles were added. First, Astonishing X-Men was written by Joss Whedon, then New X-Men: Academy X, and more solo series—except for Deadpool and Cable as they became an odd team in Cable & Deadpool.

The event known as Avengers Disassembled takes place here. It’s an Avengers event that will have important consequences for the X-Men as it leads to House of M.

The new Astonishing X-Men series starts here. This is the third volume, an ongoing series after two limited, that began in 2004, with its first run written by Joss Whedon and art by John Cassaday. This run is collected in one omnibus.

At that point, Wolverine joins the New Avengers. You can find more about that series in our Avengers by Bendis Reading Order.

The World of the X-Men is about to change forever. It’s time for House of M, a big Avengers/X-Men Event (for more information see our Reading order). For the essentials:

  • House of M Omnibus 
    Collects House of M #1-8, Spider-Man: House of M #1-5, Fantastic Four: House of M #1-3, Iron Man: House of M #1-3, New Thunderbolts (2004) #11, Black Panther (2005) #7, Uncanny X-Men (1981) #462-465, Wolverine (2003) #33-35, Captain America (2004) #10, Pulse (2004) #10, Cable & Deadpool #17, Incredible Hulk (2000) #83-87, New X-Men (2004) #16-19, Exiles (2001) #69-71, Mutopia X #1-5, Decimation: House of M – The Day After, Giant-Size Ms. Marvel (2006) #1, Secrets of the House of M, Pulse: House of M Special, House of M 1 Director’s Cut, House of M Sketchbook, material from Hulk: Broken Worlds Book One.

Coming Next: The Messiah trilogy, Dark Reign, Schism, Avengers Vs X-Men (2007-2015)

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