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Marvel Zombies Comics, a Reading Order to the most famous Infected Zombie World of Marvel

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Marvel Zombies Reading Order

The Marvel Universe is full of thousands of separate universes. We read a lot of stories happening in the mainstream Marvel continuity, or Earth 616 aka Prime Earth. But sometimes, we discover other versions of our heroes, like in Ultimate Marvel. It’s also with the Fantastic Four of this particular earth that we have been introduced to Marvel Zombies.

Created by Mark Millar, Greg Land and Robert Kirkman (of the Walking Dead fame), Marvel Zombies, sometimes called the Zombieverse, features zombie versions of Marvel Universe superheroes and supervillains. It’s actually not the only Marvel world with zombies, but it’s the most important one.

Marvel Zombies Reading Order

If Ultimate Fantastic Four #21-23 marks the beginning of the Zombieverse, the crossover with Army of Darkness serves as a prequel and an origin story of the Marvel Zombies. The last two part story The Dead of Ash leads up to this event (and find more about Ash Williams in our Army of Darkness Reading Order).

Marvel Zombies 2 - Marvel Zombies Reading Order

  • Marvel Zombies 2
    Collects Marvel Zombies 2 #1-5
  • Marvel Zombies Return
    Collects Marvel Zombies Return #1-5. A follow-up to Marvel Zombies 2 consisting of one-shots linked by two bookend issues, set 40 years after the original Marvel Zombies series.
  • Marvel Zombies 3
    Collects Marvel Zombies 3 #1-4
  • Marvel Zombies 4
    Collects Marvel Zombies 4 #1-4
  • Deadpool Classic Volume 11: Merc With A Mouth
    Collects Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth #1-13, Lady Deadpool #1. A follow-up to Marvel Zombies 4 where Deadpool obtains the head of his zombie self and return it back to the Zombie Universe.

Deadpool Reading Order IconNot really part of the Zombieverse and optional, the devious-but-lovable Headpool (a.k.a. the Zombie Deadpool Head) became a member of the Deadpool Corps and you can read those stories here (and you can also consult our Deadpool reading order):

Marvel Apes The Evolution Starts Here Reading OrderMarvel Zombies meets Marvel Apes (aka Earth-8101), in a sequel to the first four-limited series in the Monkeyverse!

First, the following one-shots end with a glimpse or a scene with a zombie, all collected in Marvel Apes: The Evolution Starts Here.

  • Marvel Apes: Speedball Special
  • Marvel Apes: The Amazing Spider Monkey
  • Marvel Apes: Grunt Line

It leads to the crossover that really takes place in two issues:

You can find both of those issues in The Marvel Zomnibus.

Marvel Zombies 5 - Marvel Zombies Reading Order

Secret Wars 2015During the Secret Wars multiverse crossover from 2015 (see Reading Order), Marvel delivered some Zombie stories. The first one follows Elsa Bloodstone who must keep the zombie hordes from rampaging through Battleworld. The second one is a confrontation between zombies and Ultron’s robots.

We enter a new phase of Marvel Zombies, as the universe is rebooted! The first one happened in 2018, but the series gets another reboot soon after that, in October 2019.

Icon of Marvel Zombies

Other Collected Editions


This volume contains almost all Marvel Zombies stories but is listed here as it is the only place that Marvel Zombies: Evil Evolution is reprinted.

Marvel Zomnibus Reading Order

  • The Marvel Zomnibus (2023 edition)
    Collects Marvel Zombies: Dead Days #1; Ultimate Fantastic Four #21-23 & 30-32; Black Panther #28-30; Marvel Zombies #1-5; Marvel Apes: Prime Eight #1; Marvel Zombies 2 #1-5; Marvel Zombies 3 #1-4; Marvel Zombies 4 #1-4; Marvel Zombies Return #1-5; Marvel Zombies: Evil Evolution #1; Marvel Zombies 5 #1-5; & Marvel Zombies Supreme #1–5.

Complete Collections

Complete Collections are large, full-color trade paperback collections of previously published Marvel comics, typically containing 300–500 pages.

What to read after Marvel Zombies?

There are more zombies in Marvel, as some of them are not from the Zombieverse. If you want more Marvel/Zombies stories, you can read:

And finally, let’s plug the DC version of the Zombie Apocalypse, DCeased!

Last Updated on June 7, 2023.

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