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Captain America

Captain America Cold War Reading Order, Captain Vs Captain

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Captain America Cold War Reading Order

It’s been a while since Marvel gave us a Captain America crossover event. This one is a small one though, and it’s between the two Captain Americas! And more, of course, as it is presented as a battle between brothers.

Here is the official synopsis: Bucky Barnes, the newest player in a nefarious game that spans all of civilization, makes his most deadly move yet — teaming up with Sam Wilson’s nemesis, Hunter, the White Wolf! When Steve Rogers’ adoptive son Ian, A.K.A. Nomad, is abducted by someone Steve thought a friend, he suspects Bucky’s hand at work, and calls upon the people who know Ian best — Sam, Sharon Carter, and Misty Knight — to help him get to the bottom of the attack.

Why has Nomad been taken, and what does it have to do with a portal to Dimension Z opening over a secret battleground in Alaska? Has Bucky finally gone too far? And when Black Widow joins the fray, whose side is she on?

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Last Updated on November 18, 2023.

The Falcon, Sam Wilson Reading Order

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Sam Wilson is The Falcon

Rick Jones wasn’t Captain America sidekick anymore, but a new one was about to be introduced in September 1969. In Captain America #117 by Stan Lee and Gene Colan, Sam Wilson made his debut as he was trying to convince people to fight the Red Skull’s forces. That’s how he met Steve Rogers who led him to call himself the Falcon and to create a costume (a green one). They won their fight against their common enemy, of course. Soon after, Sam Wilson became Captain America’s partner.

Sam Wilson is the first Afro-American superhero at Marvel. His origins were retconned—from a social worker in Harlem to a thug whose life was changed by a Cosmic Cube, he was also revealed at one point that he was a mutant until that was changed—but his most important evolution was going from sidekick to headliner, and from Falcon to Captain America.

Sam Wilson fought alongside Captain America, The Avengers, The Defenders, the S.H.I.E.L.D., Winter Soldier, and more. He has a telepathic bond with Redwing, his bird, and later realized he could also control other birds and see through their eyes. Of course, he also flies, using mechanical wings. And he was trained in hand-to-hand combat by Steve Rogers—he also knows how to use Captain America’s shield.

And of course, he is now Captain America. In fact, he has been first appointed as Rogers’ official replacement as Captain America during the Marvel Now! era (2012-15). He kept the title for a while, but constant events and relaunches forced a return as the Falcon, but also after that another stint as Captain America. We’ll explore that in this article.

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Last Updated on September 8, 2023.

Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes) Reading Order

From the beginning, Captain America wasn’t fighting AXIS alone. He had a sidekick: Bucky. Created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, Bucky made his first comic appearance in Captain America #1 (March 1941) and didn’t leave Cap’s side during the war.

James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes Jr. lost both of his parents when he was quite young. Soon, he was separated from his sister Rebecca and grew up at Camp Lehigh as a ward of the state. There, he became a camp mascot before receiving special training in England.

His life took a turn when he met Steve Rogers and discovered he was Captain America. He joined him in his first mission against Red Skull, then underwent another intensive training program to become the sidekick known as Bucky. With Cap, he fought Nazi operations, joined the Invaders, formed the Young Allies, and more.

Toward the end of the war, Captain America and Bucky Barnes vanished and were declared dead during a classified mission. And it stuck for a very long time. Bucky was part of a very small circle of comic book characters (with Jason Todd and Uncle Ben) known to stay dead.

Like Jason Todd, Bucky was brought back to life. Or more precisely, after a long period of time, it was revealed that he hadn’t died at all. After being retrieved by a Russian submarine, he was brainwashed to become the deadly assassin called the Winter Soldier.

Back among the living, a whole new chapter was being written for Bucky, from the brainwashed killing machine to Captain America and a quest for redemption, and back to the Winter Soldier.

A popular hero in the MCU where he is played by Sebastian Stan, Bucky Barnes is a Golden Age character that has been smartly reinvented in the Modern Age. Below, you’ll find a reading guide exploring Bucky’s history in the Marvel Universe.

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Last Updated on December 13, 2023.

Captain America’s First Appearance: The Origin Story of Steve Rogers

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Captain America is one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe. Since his beginnings as a superhero, Cap — as he is sometimes affectionately called — made a name for himself as a brave and righteous man. He is known as the champion of the ideals of truth, justice, and the American way, fighting for the protection of those who can’t fight for themselves.

Working with or without the Avengers, Captain America fought against many threats to those ideals. Throughout the years, he stopped enemies such as Red Skull and HYDRA, Baron Zemo, and Doctor Doom to achieve world domination, abuse power, and destroying innocent lives. For the man named Steve Rogers, everything began in 1940-41…

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Last Updated on November 22, 2022.

Captain America by Ed Brubaker Reading Order: How to read the most celebrated adventures of Steve Rogers and the Winter Soldier

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Captain America by Ed Brubaker Reading Order

Everybody knows Captain America. But if you were in a coma for most of your life, he is a Marvel Superhero and the alter ego of Steve Rogers, created in 1941 by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. As a young man, Steve wanted to fight for his country against the Nazis, but couldn’t … until he participated in an experiment that transformed him into a super-soldier. Near the end of the war, he and his sidekick Busty were left for dead. Trapped in ice and saved by the serum that changed him, he later came back to fight evil everywhere.

In January 2005, Ed Brubaker started to write the Captain America ongoing series with the fifth volume. The Criminal author wrote 100 issues (with art by Steve Epting), bringing back Bucky as the Winter Soldier, dealing with Cap’s death and resurrection, and more including the death and life of his greatest enemy, the Red Skull, and the emergences of a new threat, General Aleksander Lukin, the head of one of the most powerful corporations in the world!

It’s the most celebrated run on the Captain America modern series.

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Last Updated on September 8, 2023.

Secret Empire Reading Order, the Evil Captain America crossover event from Marvel

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Secret Empire Reading Order

Big Marvel crossover Written by Nick Spencer (with artists Rod Reis, Daniel Acuña, Steve McNiven, and Andrea Sorrentino) published between April and September 2017, Secret Empire is one of those Universe Redefining massive event. One that started with a huge twist, as it was revealed that Captain America is—pardon my French—a f***ing Hydra Agent!

Here is the official description of the event: Captain America, Sentinel of Liberty, is living a lie! The Cosmic Cube has remade the world’s greatest hero into a secret true believer in the cause of Hydra, wholly dedicated to its mission of progress through authority and unity through adversity! Now, using the trust and respect he’s been accorded by the great powers of the Marvel Universe, Steve Rogers makes Hydra’s ideals a reality—and changes the landscape of the world dramatically! How will he take some of his biggest threats off the board? Who will remain to stand against him? And which heroes will fi ght on his side? Find out as the impossible becomes real! Hail Hydra!

What to read before Secret Empire?

This limited series event addresses the aftermath of the crossover event Avengers: Standoff! and the ongoing series Captain America: Steve Rogers, in which Captain America has been acting as a sleeper agent and covertly setting the stage to establish Hydra as the main world power.

So, before reading Secret Empire, maybe take a look at the time when we discovered that Cap is a member of Hydra. To do that, you have to read Captain America: Steve Rogers Vol. 1: Hail Hydra, and you can go after that to Captain America: Steve Rogers Vol. 2: The Trial of Maria Hill, and then Captain America: Steve Rogers Vol. 3: Empire Building. If you want to read what’s essential, Marvel published a book collecting exactly that:

  • Secret Empire Prelude
    Collects Captain America (2012) 21, 25; Captain America: Sam Wilson 7 (A story), 8; Assault on Pleasant Hill Alpha, Omega; Captain America: Steve Rogers 1-2.

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Last Updated on July 21, 2022.