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Nick Spencer’s Spider-Man Reading Order, A Fresh Start

Probably the most popular character in the Marvel Comics Universe, Spider-Man needs no introduction. But if you need one, here is the story: bitten by a radioactive spider, teenager Peter Parker, an orphan raised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben in New York City after his parents Richard and Mary Parker died in a plane crash, woke up with spider-related powers.

He can cling to surfaces, has superhuman strength and agility, and can detect danger with the help of his “spider-sense.” He couldn’t shoot a spider-web, but he corrected that by building wrist-mounted “web-shooter” devices that shoot artificial spider-webbing of his own design. When his Uncle Ben died after he let his killer go free, he learned that with great powers comes great responsibilities. Since then, he has fought crime, even if the Daily Bugle is telling everybody that he is a criminal.

What to read before Spider-Man by Nick Spencer?

Technically, nothing. It’s a new author on the title and a new beginning. Before Nick Spencer, Dan Slott wrote the main Spider-Man series for almost a decade. The time had come for a change.

That said, it would be a good idea to read Superior Foes of Spider-Man, also written by Nick Spencer. That series is about a team of bad guys, not really high caliber: Boomerang, Shocker, Speed Demon, Overdrive, and The new Beetle. They are Spidey’s enemies and they want to become real big criminals. They’re trying to do exactly that together, even if they can’t stand each other’s company long enough to get their hands on the legendary item that will put them in charge of the New York mob. In a way, Spencer is writing more of a follow-up to Superior Foes of Spider-Man than to Dan Slott’s run.

Also, you can check out our Spider-Man Reading Order that covers the adventures of Spidey from the start to today.

Nick Spencer’s Spider-Man Reading Order:

Amazing Spider-Man By Nick Spencer Omnibus

Let’s start with the recent Omnibus from Marvel Comics collecting Nick Spencer’s run on Spider-Man:

  • Amazing Spider-Man By Nick Spencer Omnibus Vol. 1
    Collects Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #1-43, 16.HU, 18.HU, 19.HU, 20.HU; Amazing Spider-Man: Full Circle (2019) #1; material from Free Comic Book Day 2018 (Amazing Spider-Man/Guardians of the Galaxy) #1.
  • Amazing Spider-Man By Nick Spencer Omnibus Vol. 2
    Collects Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #44-73, #74 (A-B Stories) And #50.Lr-54.Lr; Amazing Spider-Man: Sins Rising Prelude; Amazing Spider-Man: The Sins Of Norman Osborn; Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man: King’s Ransom; Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man: The Chameleon Conspiracy; And Sinister War #1-4.

Amazing Spider-Man By Nick Spencer Trade Paperbacks

Following is a more detailed comics order for Nick Spencer’s Spider-Man run…

When Nick Spencer took over the title, a new Spider-verse-related event called Spider-Geddon was also launched. It was written by Christos Gage based on Dan Slott’s ideas. Spider-man didn’t play a big role in it. In fact, it’s Miles Morales the main Spider-Hero of the event. The Peter Parker stuff ended up in Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man by Chip Zdarsky. It’s a good read, but you can skip it in this particular case.

This is when the Absolute Carnage event (reading order) takes place. It is more of a Venom event than a Spider-Man one, but Spidey did participate. You can find the tie-ins to the events in the next TPBs.

Web-Event Alert! Not a company-wide event, just a spidey one called Last Remains, and you can go to the dedicated reading order to find out more about it. Kindred—the mystery villain who has been plaguing Peter Parker’s life from the shadows—is stepping out on stage for the first time … and Spider-Man is not ready for the havoc that will result.

Spider-Tingling Event Alert! Doctor Octopus is back with a plan, and old allies are now enemies. Spider-Man has to stop the Sinister War! Go to the reading order for more details.

After Nick Spencer’s Spider-Man

Once Nick Spencer left the book, Marvel decided to recruit multiple writers and artists—like during the Big Time period—to launch a weekly adventure titled “beyond.” You can learn more about it with our Amazing Spider-Man Beyond Reading Order.

  • The Amazing Spider-Man Beyond Omnibus
    Collecting Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #75-93, #78.BEY, #80.BEY, #88.BEY and #92.BEY; Mary Jane & Black Cat: Beyond and material from Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #74 and Free Comic Book Day 2021: Spider-Man/Venom.

Last Updated on May 14, 2024.