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Batman by James Tynion Reading Order

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After a divisive 85-issue run on the main Batman title, Tom King stopped writing the series (see Batman Rebirth Reading Order) and James Tynion IV took over. Initially, it was announced it was just there to take the series to its 100 issues. Plans changed.

Finally, Tynion stayed, until he surprised everybody when he revealed he was leaving Batman for writing newly created-owned (non-DC) titles. His run on the Dark Knight was not without events and, even if it’s not the longest, you may need a few pointers.

But first, here is the official synopsis of the story when James Tynion IV started writing: It’s a new day in Gotham. Bane has been vanquished, but both the city and its champion are still struggling to pick up the pieces. Deathstroke, the world’s greatest mercenary, is back in town under a new contract. Soon other hired killers follow, and Batman is surrounded by assassins—as well as Gotham’s own dangerous players, from the Riddler to the Penguin to Harley Quinn.

As the Caped Crusader draws closer to uncovering the figure pulling the strings, the love of his life, Catwoman, holds the sinister secret in her claws. Can Batman pry it from her without tearing their relationship apart? And will it be enough to stop the coming plot against him?

What to read before Batman by James Tynion?

First, James Tynion IV wrote Detective Comics at the beginning of the Rebirth era – following the Modern Age era and The New 52 era. It’s not an obligatory read before going into his Batman run, but if you are curious:

Being that James Tynion IV picked up where Tom King left, even if it’s a “new start” that you can presumably read without prior knowledge, you may want to read the last King’s storyline: City of Bane.

Batman by James Tynion Reading Order:

Batman: The Joker War is taking us to issue #100 of the series with a story in which The Clown Prince of Crime and the Dark Knight Detective go head-to-head for the last time. For more information, go to the Joker War Reading Order.

    • also in The Joker War Saga
      Collects Batman (vol. 3) #95–100; Batgirl (vol. 5) #47; Detective Comics #1025; Red Hood: Outlaw #48; Nightwing (vol. 4) #74; The Joker War Zone #1; material from Harley Quinn (vol. 3) #75 and Catwoman (vol. 5) #25
  • Batman Vol. 3: Ghost Stories
    Collects Batman (vol. 3) #101–105, Annual (vol. 3) #5; Detective Comics #1027

Dark Nights: Death Metal: When the DC Universe is enveloped by the Dark Multiverse, the Justice League is at the mercy of the Batman Who Laughs. Humanity struggles to survive in a hellish landscape twisted beyond recognition, while Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman have all been separated and must fight to survive. For more information, go to the Dark Nights: Death Metal Reading Order.

This is the end of the Rebirth era. Following Death Metal, the DC Universe went to the future with Future State. It was not written by James Tynion IV, but you may want to read Future State: Dark Detective.

James Tynion IV concluded his Batman run with a crossover event called Fear State. Gotham City is on the brink of martial law as Batman fights a two-front battle! The Scarecrow is unleashing a devasting attack on the city while the Magistrate has made their move to invade! To know more about it, follow the reading order.

  • Batman: Fear State Saga
    Collects Batman #112-117; Batman Secret Files: The Gardener #1; Batman Secret Files: Peacekeeper #1; Batman Secret Files: Miracle Molly #1; Batman: Fear State: Alpha #1; Batman: Fear State: Omega #1.

After Batman by James Tynion

Once James Tynion IV concluded his Batman run, Joshua Williamson became the new Bat-Writer. More coming soon about that.

Last Updated on August 11, 2023.

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