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Batman Dawn of DC Reading Order

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Following the events of the 2022 crossover events Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths and Lazarus Planet, DC Comics put an end to its publishing initiative known as the Infinite Frontier to launch the Dawn of DC line. Introduced as a yearlong storytelling initiative, it became another era of the DC Universe with its relaunches and crossover events.

Like with Infinite Frontier, new creative teams had already taken over the main Batman series before the new ‘era’ began, and they continued to tell their story without much interruption. The Dark Knight continues his adventures in Batman by Chip Zdarsky and Jorge Jimenez, Detective Comics by Ram V and Rafael Albuquerque (and others), Batman/Superman: World’s Finest by Mark Waid and Dan Mora, but also in new volumes of Batman: The Brave and the Bold by Tom King, and Batman and Robin by Joshua Williamson and Simone di Meo.

The Dawn of DC era is developing an overarching narrative that focuses on Amanda Waller’s last nefarious plan. Also, the Justice League didn’t reform following the events of the Dark Crisis. Overall, Batman is not at the center of the big story but still has plenty to do.

Of course, as it is always the case, the following guide is mostly about Batman, but the Bat-Family is also featured. Nevertheless, their books are not necessarily included. Though, you can find them on their dedicated pages: Nightwing, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Jason Todd, Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, Barbara Gordon, Batwoman, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Terry McGinnis (The Batman Beyond).

Batman Dawn of DC Reading Order

DC Comics started putting the “Dawn of DC” branding on the main Batman ongoing series with issue #135 while “Detective Comics” was simply not part of the initiative. Simply put, DC’s continuity was a mess and we can only hope things will become less confusing in the next era.

This new era started during Chip Zdarsky’s run on Batman and Ram V’s run on Detective Comics. The end of Infinite Frontier and the start of Dawn of DC are intertwined and cannot be properly separated. We tried to organize this reading order to deliver the best chronological guide we could. This is a work in progress following only the publication of collected editions.

Knight Terrors! Horror is invading the DC Universe as Super Heroes or Super-Villains must confront their worst nightmares in a “Nightmare Realm.” This was a summer event that put most of the ongoing series on pause. You can learn more about it with our complete Knight Terrors reading order.

  • Knight Terrors
    Collects Knight Terrors First Blood, Knight Terrors #1-4, Knight Terrors: Night’s End
  • Knight Terrors: Dark Knightmares
    Collects Knight Terrors: Batman #1-2, Knight Terrors: Detective Comics #1-2, Knight Terrors: Catwoman #1-2, Knight Terrors: Nightwing #1-2, and Knight Terrors: Robin #1-2

The Gotham War! While Batman was recovering from the events of Knight Terrors, Catwoman was working to create a new, safer Gotham. But at what cost? The Bat-Family is torn apart when a feud that has been festering for well over a year finally breaks out on the streets! Learn more about it with our Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War Reading Order.

Titans: Beast World! Like many DC superheroes, Batman was present during the events of Beast World, though this is totally anecdotal for the Caped Crusader! To know more about how the world of DC was put again in peril and how Amanda Waller used this situation, see our reading order here.

Coming from Mark Waid and Dan Mora, Batman/Superman: World’s Finest is set in a not-too-distant past.

Like World’s Finest, Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2023) is set in the past! We are not sure if it’s part of the main continuity or not. In all cases, So we invite you to read it independently from the the main timeline!

Batman Dawn of DC: The Out of Continuity Stories

As always, Batman’s universe expands beyond the limit of the DC regular ongoing series. The following books are stories published during the Dawn of DC era that are not considered part of the main continuity.

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